America’s Got Talent Wednesday 7/08/2009

Keg, the Lone Ranger of Rock was a constantly kicking one man rock ‘n roll band who did not impress anybody. Silvia Brizio was super hot but couldn’t sing or dance her way past the judges. Madmat the Indistructable Man walked barefoot up a ladder of swords then was sent to the exit. The Shanghai Pearl started off in a pink gorilla suit, then stripped–and got sent home.

Disfigured Kari Callin has an amazing voice and is going to Las Vegas. Simon Chaban wow-ed everyone when he combined fire with acrobatics. Handsome Keith Johnson impressed the crowd while singing and playing guitar. Pixie Mystere was a group of super talented young tumblers wearing the cutest costumes. Reality, the song and dance group, performed the wrong song pretty well but were not appreciated at all and were sent packing.

Destined 2 Be dance crew was a unique urban precision dance act that will go to Las Vegas. Rashida Jolley sang and played harp and used her instrument for percussion as she impressed the judges and the audience. Anthony and Matt surprised the crowd when one sang and played guitar while the other used his tap shoes for percussion rhythym to the song. Louis Bar and Laura Cantu tangoed their way to the next round. The Kalinins were a father and son strength acrobats who are going to Vegas. Christopher and Laura Camp literally whipped their way through the competition.

Last year’s singing piano playing contestant, Mia Boostrom, thought she had improved her singing talent enough to get further in the competition this year–she was right. She’s going to Vegas again.

The show ended with host Nick Cannon’s wife, Maraiah Carey in her new music video.

My favorite act of the night was Anthony and Matt. They took two seperate talents, combined them, and created something unique that was applauded by the audience.  It is easy to judge from my couch at the Munro House while watching talent on the big screen and I’ll be doing it all season long.

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America’s Got Talent Tuesday 7/07/2009

This episode’s bad performers included a middle age rapper, a flute playing balancing act, an opera singer, a bendable man, and cute girls who sing bad and don’t know it.

Going to Vegas are Tallon Noble Latz–the 9 year old blues guitar player; the ballroom dancers; Tony Ferrante, the 74 year old Disco Free Style Dancer (split decision); Arthur Gulkarov, the Glam Dancer; Nathan Burton, the transporting Magician; the African High Flyer, Acrobats; Kelly Glover, the former American Idol contestant; the Platt Brothers variety act; and the Spiritual Harmonizers a capella group.

The judges went gaga over the harmonizers–I thought they were good, but a weak performance. I preferred Nathan Burton who transported a girl from a chair onto some scaffolding in less than an instant. That trick was amazing.

I will continue to enjoy watching my favorite show of the Summer from the couch in front of the big screen at the Munro House in Jonesville.

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America’s Got Talent Wednesday 7/01/2009

The 4th night of auditions for America’s Got Talent seemed to showcase more bad acts than good.  Piers Morgan, Sharon Osboure, and David Hasselhoff definitely hurt some people’s feelings on this program. They were brutally honest in face-to-face confrontation with acts who did not know how bad they were.

Contestants have to do their act very well.  When you sing off key, you don’t have talent no matter how hot you are. You shouldn’t sing while chopping vegetables with a lawn mower. Cowboys shouldn’t sing old world musical hits or do a spazz dance. Card tricks do not work–the audience will boo you off the stage if they’ve seen it before. Poets don’t work either. Singing deep baritone is not appealing. Wrestling should stay in the ring.

Lake Houston Performing Arts Center were 27 dancing girls with red headed Afro wigs who had extreme energy from the moment they stepped on stage. Pam Martin and Viva the dancing dog’s free-style routine was unique and entertaining. Joseph Constantine & CJ were kept in the competition through a split decision. Fuchsia Fox the belly dancer can really shake it. Circus R Us did not impress me with their seen-it-all-before circus act, but the judges liked them and advanced them to the next round in Vegas. Hurricane Trixters did a high energy martial arts routine. Hairo Torres stole the show with his break dancing abilities. He performed one of the most original routines I have ever seen. When he sat on the floor and successfully performed a 360 degree split, I was in shock and awe.

Tonight’s choice for getting to the top 10 is easily Hairo Torres. I don’t know if he could sustain my interest for the full length of a solo performance in Las Vegas, but he was unique, mesmerizing, and talented.

Once again, I have been watching AGT at the Munro House  from the comfort of my couch. It is my favorite program of the summer, and I look forward to seeing lots of unique performers.

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America’s Got Talent Tuesday 6/30/2009

Week 2 of America’s Got Talent auditions featured the funky 62 year old rubber necked dancer Carol Lugo–she was definitely a crowd favorite. We saw Yo-Yo Joe, Diva League dancers, Chris Allison the lightbulb eater, JayMattioli the gravity defying uncrushable magician, Thia Magia the 14-year-old girl with the voice of a polished blues artist, the Fab Five river dancing moms, and Kevin Skinner the unlikely country crooner. All of these acts were unanimously voted by the judges to go on to the next round in Las Vegas.

Acts that were not deemed worthy included the full-time judge who can’t sing, the short energetic broadway singer, the tone deaf Witches in Bikinis, the character changer, and the drum and Samba group.

Jay MattioliJay Mattioli was my favorite of the night. He levitated a microphone stand, leaned over farther than Michael Jackson in the “Smooth Criminal” video, and came out of a  compactor uncrushed. His hip music, cool style, and dance moves made him entertaining and fun. I can’t wait to see more of his repertoire.

I’ll be watching future episodes of America’s Got Talent from the comfort of the Munro House  in downtown Jonesville.

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