America’s Got Talent Tuesday 6/30/2009

Week 2 of America’s Got Talent auditions featured the funky 62 year old rubber necked dancer Carol Lugo–she was definitely a crowd favorite. We saw Yo-Yo Joe, Diva League dancers, Chris Allison the lightbulb eater, JayMattioli the gravity defying uncrushable magician, Thia Magia the 14-year-old girl with the voice of a polished blues artist, the Fab Five river dancing moms, and Kevin Skinner the unlikely country crooner. All of these acts were unanimously voted by the judges to go on to the next round in Las Vegas.

Acts that were not deemed worthy included the full-time judge who can’t sing, the short energetic broadway singer, the tone deaf Witches in Bikinis, the character changer, and the drum and Samba group.

Jay MattioliJay Mattioli was my favorite of the night. He levitated a microphone stand, leaned over farther than Michael Jackson in the “Smooth Criminal” video, and came out of a  compactor uncrushed. His hip music, cool style, and dance moves made him entertaining and fun. I can’t wait to see more of his repertoire.

I’ll be watching future episodes of America’s Got Talent from the comfort of the Munro House  in downtown Jonesville.

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