How to Use an Ouija Board

home-made ouija boardMy wife, Lori, and her girlfriend, Carla, were looking for something different to do and decided to try to conjure up spirits in Jonesville Michigan. Much to their surprise, they drew a home-made Ouija Board and got it to work. They began by chanting and saying goodbye to demons and evil spirits. They then sought information from friendly former local residents and deceased family members. After 90 minutes of nothing on the first night, persistence paid off and they began contacting spirits. Now, they start talking to people in just a few minutes.

So far Julia, Aunt Shirley, and Uncle LeRoy have been very cooperative. Julia has identified people in photographs, LeRoy provided accurate birth dates, and Sally is fun to talk to, she must have been a character in real life. They are doing this to find information and to have fun. The information they received was later corroborated by further research of family records and contact from relatives who are still alive.

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