Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier ****

movie captain america winter soldier

Captain America: the Winter Soldier is a Marvel Comics Super Hero movie. Captain America has been frozen for 70 years and is catching up with lost history when there is some questioning of what freedom really is. America develops a Reagan era-like Star Wars program that is supposed to use weapons from the sky to protect the homeland. S.H.I.E.L.D. is compromised and the weapon falls into the hands of the bad guys. Captain America must identify the threat and neutralize it before it is used against the nation it was supposed to protect.

I do not read comic books, so when I saw the title, I thought that Captain America might engage in combat in a cold climate. No, that’s not it. The Winter Soldier is the name of the bad guy who also had experiments done on him 70 years ago and has also been frozen until recently. Chris Evans looks awesome as Captain America. I am sure the ladies liked him in his tight T-shirts as much as I like him in his hero uniform. Samuel L Jackson reprises as the leader of the Avengers and Robert Redford plays a powerful politician. Getting help from another super hero, Black Widow, and the introduction of a new character, Falcon, was a good way to introduce me to more members of the Avengers. As usual of Marvel movies, it isn’t over until the screen goes blank. There is a bonus scene after the character credits and a preview scene after the final credits. Stay until the very end.

The acting was very good, but the choreographed fight scenes were excellent whether done by the guys or by  the Black Widow. The special effects were Marvel-ous as expected. Captain America’s shield was awesome on offense and defense. The story was believable and easy to follow. The threat was realistic. I was entertained. 4 out of 5 stars.