Hillsdale College – the $6,000,000 Chair

Hillsdale College is a very unusual center of education in a small town in Southern Michigan.  It is odd in a good way–they do not accept government money in any form.  Because of their separation with the government, they are able to make their own rules.  There are no quotas for equal opportunity by race or wealth.  There is no curriculum they have to adhere to or state sponsored beliefs they are required to preach.  They want the best of the best, and they do a fine job of recruiting bright, young, conservative, moral individuals.  There are only about 1200 students at Hillsdale College.  Small class size allows for individual assistance with the learning process and nurturing of the students.  Students can have their government grants and loans replaced by an equal value from Hillsdale College.

We own the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan.  Being located just 7 – 1/2 minutes from Hillsdale College campus, we get our share of people visiting this famous school.  Most are parents and family visiting students  Some are prospective students, professors, and recruiters.  Then there are the curious folks who do not believe that a school like this could exist in America, or anywhere else.

One of the more fascinating and amusing characters we’ve ever had was a guy named George.  George came knocking on our door one night and told us that no one would put him up for the night because he was traveling with his dog, Tess.  At the time, all of the lodging facilities in the area were not pet friendly.  He was determined to visit Hillsdale College, but he didn’t want to leave the county to find a place to stay just because he was traveling with a dog.  He told us that he was a widower and cancer survivor, and had read an article about Hillsdale College and their “ethics in journalism” course, and he wanted to see the college first hand.  He used to be a newspaper guy, was intrigued, and wanted to visit Hillsdale.  The only obstacle was finding a place to stay that would allow his dog to join him.

He came to our door explained his situation and asked if Tess could spend the night with him.  We have 2 Scottish Terriers.  They have limited access to the house, but an active guest pet could potentially ruin our years of training.  So we told George that we needed to meet Tess in order to make an informed decision.

George went out to his vehicle and brought Tess in with him.  She was a big old red Spaniel that had seen better days.  It was obvious that her arthritis was winning the battle as we watched her hobble up the 2 steps of our front porch.  She hobbled into the parlor where George placed her cushion on the floor.  Tess positioned herself near the pad and basically tipped over and fell on the pillow where she laid motionless until George coaxed her up again.  I knew at this instant, that Tess would be an exception to our “no pets” rule.

My wife, Lori, works at Hillsdale College.  She made the appropriate contacts and arranged for a private tour of campus the next day.  George spent the whole day there, came home, and was later met by a Hillsdale College V.P. who took him out to dinner.

Over breakfast, George explained that he was aware of himself being near the end of his life, so he was traveling around the country providing endowments to places that he believed would lead America into the future.  Hillsdale College was a perfect match for him and he was grateful to us for putting him up.  He left us and continued on his trek around the country with his faithful companion, Tess.

6m-chairA few months later, some folks from Hillsdale College came to the door of our B&B and carried in with them a big black chair with cherry arm rests emblazoned with the Hillsdale College emblem.  They told us it was our gift for taking care of a great benefactor.

Later, we were told that Hillsdale College received a large endowment from George.  It was made possible because we agreed to take care of his dog.  Now, Hillsdale will be able to take care of many students who have an interest in journalism because of George’s generous endowment of $6,000,000.


Business – Toll Free Phone Numbers


1 (800) 320-3792

When I was growing up, I remember having to be careful which phone numbers I called.  Some were local (free) and some were long distance ($).  It was hard to tell the difference.  For me, a town 5 miles to the south was local, but a town 5 miles to the north was long distance.  Calling out of state was less expensive than calling in-state.  I didn’t understand how that could be.  My folks were pretty tight with their money. We were not allowed to call anyone outside of town so they would be sure to not incur any long distance calling charges.

Then along came something called a WATTS line.  WATTS stood for Wide-Area Telephone Service and was used by big companies to automatically reverse the telephone charges so the person being called always paid the toll charge.   Today, we call them toll free numbers or 800 numbers.  What a great idea! 

The person selling a product was now able to make his phone ring by appealing to consumers who wanted to keep their phone bill as low as possible.  Companies that picked up the tab for incoming phone calls soon became leaders in their industry. The one I remember best was for Holiday Inn–1-800-HOLIDAY.  The easy to remember name along with knowing that I would not be charged for the call made this the only number I called when I was traveling for a living. 

In 1999, I bought my own business, the Munro House Bed and Breakfastin Jonesville, Michigan. To appeal to the people who traditionally frequent bed and breakfasts, a toll free number was very important. Paying up to 8 cents a minute for incoming calls was a price that I was willing to pay, so we kept a toll free number.

Over time, that cost per minute has been cut by more than half. It is still a large expense that is becoming more and more unnecessary.

These days, most people have a calling plan on their land line telephone that allows for large or unlimited amounts of long distance calling time. Another large percentage of the population uses cell phones with calling plans that have no long distance charges. It is unnecessary for people in these categories to call a toll free number any more.

There was a time when we called a toll free number to save ourselves some money. Today, anyone with a calling plan on a land line or cell phone who calls a toll free number is basically wasting the money of the person receiving the call. We are all trying to cut expenses. Educating people on this single issue could save a lot of money for a lot of companies.

It is going to take a while to educate people to think about when it is prudent to use the toll free number and when it is not. It is also going to take some time for companies to adjust all the literature about their business to include a standard number along with the toll free number.

Mike Venturini

Mike Venturini

Until that day comes, I will have my land line phone number along side my toll free phone number and hope my clients take the time to choose the right one.

Lori and Mike Venturini – the Rolling Stones Concert

I have followed pop culture all of my life. As a very young child, I remember Lou Monte singing “Pepino, the Italian Mouse” on the Ed Sullivan show. My parents took me to see the Beatles movie “Help!” at the theater–I had to sit by myself, because there were not 2 adjoining seats left anywhere. My first 45 RPM record was “The Unicorn” by the Irish Rovers. My first cassette was Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” The first 33 RPM LP I bought with my own money was “Golden Biscuits” by Three Dog Night. My first 8-track tape was Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare.” My first CD was Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” All of these records still have a special place in my heart—and I listen to them often. I have music in one form or another by Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Billy Gilman, Billy Ocean, Billy Squire, and Billy Joe Royal. My collection includes Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewert, Shania Twain, Andrea Boccelli, Michael Jackson, Kid Rock, Dean Martin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Trick Pony, and thousands of others. One of my all time favorite albums is by a guy formerly known as John Cougar. My recent music collection is filled with tunes from Kid Rock, Cold Play, Rod Stewert, and John Mayer.

I am addicted to TV programs like American Idol and have eagerly followed the careers of most of the contestants. I can listen to rap guys speak and can actually translate most every word. When I channel surf on the TV, I usually end up on GAC, VH-1, or MTV—I like them all. I do internet searches for lyrics to pop songs so I can sing along and get it right. My wife asked Sherisa, our 14-year-old neighbor, who the biggest kid on the block is. Without hesitation, she said “Mr. Mike”—that’s me.

sticky-fingers1Our friend, Ed, thought he was going through a mid-life crisis—when he turned 44, he had a job that required a lot of travel. To help alleviate the pressure, his wife, Peggy, joined the Rolling Stones fan club so that she would be able to purchase concert tickets to their Detroit concert before they went on sale to the general public. She bought 4 tickets and asked my wife, Lori, and me to join them at the concert in Detroit on Wednesday night, August 31, 2005. This was part of her plan to let Ed know that he is not as old as he thought. He had missed a Stones concert back in college because he didn’t have 20 bucks for the show. This was an opportunity to turn back the clock for one night.

The Stones have never been one of my favorite acts. They had been selling records for almost 20 years before they made one I liked. “Beast of Burden” is the one that did it for me. My local station had “block party weekends” and “2-fer Tuesdays” where they would play multiple tracks by a single artist. It was at that time that I finally started paying attention to some of their classic tunes. “Satisfaction” may now be the best rock ’n’ roll song of all time on my personal list—and I never really liked it until it was an “oldie.”

I saw the Rolling Stones on their “Tattoo You” tour back in the 80’s at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago—our seats had a “partially obstructed view”, and the sound was just awful! The acoustics were so bad that I recognized only two songs before they got to the chorus! So, when Ed & Peggy asked us to join them for an outdoor concert at Comerica Park in Detroit for $160 a ticket, I was filled with apprehensions. My expectation level was very low, so even a mediocre show would be a decent mark from me. We don’t get out much, we own the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan–it’s a 24/7 job. We covered our work for the night and decided to go. At worst, we would get to spend the evening in the company of good friends.

Our seats were in the 28th row on the baseball field near 2nd base—a great location. The show was SPECTACULAR! They had an awesome stage and incredible lighting, a jumbo-tron (so everybody could see), plus pyrotechnics, great acoustics, and excellent stage presence by each member of the band. They played all the songs I wanted to hear and seemed to be truly enjoying themselves during their performance.

mick-jaggerWhen the Stones moved down the center walkway stage, I was privileged to be the only hand Mick Jagger slapped on his way back to the main stage! I became an instant celebrity with the concert-goers around me. Total strangers—most with gray hair and wearing vintage Rolling Stones paraphernalia–were high-fiving me and giving me prolonged hugs. I was some sort of hero for about a minute. That moment was my personal highlight of the evening.

Ed’s mid-life crisis changed dramatically from the previous week–it may be over thanks to “Mick and the boys.” Lori and Peggy may have enjoyed watching Ed and me more than the concert. I left Detroit feeling even younger than before. I was electrified by a superior performance by some of the greatest entertainers in the world. These guys are in their 60’s and have more energy than a lot of young people. I can’t wait to get old!

I have been to an NBA and an NFL championship game where my team won. This Rolling Stones concert ranks right up there as one of the “top 3” live events I have ever witnessed in person. If you get a chance to go—make your plan, budget your money, and go—whether it’s the Rolling Stones or another performer that makes you happy. I may have to devise a mid-life crisis so that the four of us can go to another event. In fact, we all may just have to develop some sort of crisis every year!

Life is good in Jonesville.

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Get Lucky on Friday the 13th (Part 2)

In 2009, Friday the 13th fell in February. Because February is usually a 28 day month, the following month of March will also have a Friday the 13th.  This is a rare opportunity to celebrate consecutive Friday the 13ths! We thought it would be cool to turn the tables on the superstitious, and make something good happen on a bad luck day by offering a great deal on a one night stay. 

friday-the-thirteenthAt the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Michigan, we want to help you get lucky on Friday the Thirteenth?  Call us, and we will do our part to make a romantic weekend getaway happen for you. Arrive to your chosen room to find a dozen roses floral arrangement and a selection of Joseph Schmidt Chocolate Truffles.  Both of you will also enjoy dinner for 2 at the Chicago Water Grill in downtown Jonesville.  Wake up to a big country style breakfast on Saturday morning before heading home. 

Friday the 13th Getaway with Chocolates, Roses, and Dinner is just $222 in a Queen or Fireplace Room, $272 in a Jacuzzi Room per couple.  Up to $344 value. To reserve via phone call 1-800-320-3792 or by cell at 1-517-849-9292.

Marcello from Ecuador – Bed and Breakfast Guest in Michigan

I like to travel and meet the local people in the places I visit.  Since we bought the Munro House Bed & Breakfast in Michigan, we don’t travel as much as we used to.  We have to rely on people from far away places to visit us.

We had a nice young couple from Chicago in last year. Over breakfast I discovered that Marcello had met her in college and that he came here from Ecuador.  I had to laugh at the thought of someone from Ecuador coming to America and of all the places to visit, he ended up in Jonesville, Michigan.

ecuador1Well, it was a blessing for me, and I hope it was fun for him, too.  I found it facinating to learn about his home country.  The thing that surprised me the most is that the national currency in Ecuador is the American dollar!  I just assumed that every country or region had their own monetary system.  To learn that they used our currency was facinating.

We continued talking about life in general and he told me that most of the employment in Ecuador is with oil companies or banana plantations.  I have never seen a banana tree in real life.  I seem to remember seeing a National Geographic special about monkeys, where they plucked the fruit from a tree, but I had never really thought about the business of growing bananas.

Marcello told me that a banana tree has a trunk from which a single branch emerges and produces the fruit in huge bunches.  As the fruit grows, the branch leans from the weight.  A plantation has many rows of trees much like any other farm.  When it comes time to harvest, the workers chop off a clump weighing about 100 pounds and carry it to a central trolly system where they hang it on a hook and push it to the warehousing area.

I guess I could have looked all of this up on the internet, but I like having people take the time to tell me about the common things in their life and some information about where they are from.  Every week I am thankful for the interesting people who make their way to our small town in South Central Michigan to enjoy our hospitality and life away from the big city.  I love my peeps!  Marcello was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and welcoming a B&B in a small town in America can be. 

Life is good in Jonesville.

Bed and Breakfast House Pets

I know that dogs can be pesty, noisy, messy, and annoying.  I know that a lot of people do not like dogs.  I know that some people have a real fear of dogs. I did not want a pet to ruin our business.  When we bought the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, back in 1999, one of my biggest concerns was having a pet in the house with our guests. 

scottish-terriersWe have 2 Scottish Terriers, Reggie & Gilbert.  My wife is a very good dog trainer.  As good as they were in our private home, they would have to be even better at our B&B, or they would have to go.  We decided they would have boundaries in the house, they had to ber gentle with guests, they had to be quiet in the house, and they could not leave the yard.

I like peace and quiet.  Our boys have always been quiet in the house.  My wife trained them that inside was for relaxing and outside was for letting loose.  They made the transfer to our new home with no noise variances.

We immediately researched and bought an Invisible Fence. Within 2 weeks, they were completely trained and confined to our yard.  We could just let them out when they needed it.  But how would we know when they wanted to go out?  My wife taught them to ring a bell when the urge to enjoy the great outdoors hit them.

Keeping them out of the main part of the house was our next issue.  We wanted to keep them out of the kitchen, parlor, and guest rooms without the use of gates, closed doors, or other blockades.  One day, I had a revelation.  Outside, the Invisible Fence perimeter was marked by little white flags that the dogs were trained to be wary of.  I faked them out by putting a pop bottle on the floor, stuck a flag in it, and we were done.

As they were trained, the flags were removed one at a time until they were all gone.  By the end of our first month as innkeepers, our dogs were trained and became known as the “two best boys in the whole house.”  They remain in the yard, away from the sidewalk and parking lot.  Passersby know them as the dogs who sit, wag their tails, and watch them go by.  They are well known for their good behavior.

It is very important to follow the instructions of training pets exactly as the Invisible Fence people describe.  If you get lazy and let the dog figure it out on their own, they will find a way to beat it.  By following the directions, figuring out how to beat it is not an option.

Our peeps were having a hard time telling our Scottie Dogs apart.  Scottish Terriers all look alike, or do they? 

Miguel was on business visiting a local facility and spent several months with us on weeknights.  Every night he would come into our Library after work and ask, “which one is Reggie?”  We would tell him and he would pay more attention to the dog he preferred.  After many times of identifying Reggie, I finally just told him, “Reggie is the black one.”  He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, “they’re both black.”  I put them side by side where he could see that Gilbert has a bit of brindle in his coat and looks like a dirty black dog.  Reggie was pure.  Miguel looked up and said, “Reggie IS the black one!”  Since then, whenever another guest asked, we just told them “Reggie is the black one.”

Recently, one of our peeps did not like our little joke.  She went up to her room, came back a little while later, and presented each boy with their very own beaded elastic collar with their names in big block letters.  Now, no one has to ask us to tell them apart.  We have the nicest people come to visit us.  They enjoy our well behaved pets and often threaten to take them home or threaten to drop their pet off until we are done training it.

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HamFest – Michigan Bed and Breakfast Guests

We woke up this morning to find a note that 2 of our guests staying at the Munro House B&B in Jonesville, MI, would not require breakfast.  When they got back this evening they told us they had to get to Livonia by 8:00 a.m. for something called HAMfest.  They described it as a traveling rummage sale for guys that is held regularly around the state.  In addition to stuff for HAM radio operators, they also buy and sell new and used computer equipment.  My peeps were there for the computer stuff–monitors, USB cables, wireless keyboards, etc.  They described it as wheeling and dealing to get the best prices possible and chatting with interesting like-minded people from all over.  They made some excellent negotiations on items they wanted and had an all around good time.

The rest of our peeps stayed local for the Valentine’s day weekend and enjoyed a winter getaway that was not too far from home.  They enjoyed a variety of activities including our onsite massages,  local restaurants, movie theater, antique stores, and the comedy club at Savarino’s Next Door.  It’s always nice to be out and about and run into people you know.  Several of our guests ran into each other while out on the town and felt at home in Jonesville.

Just when we thought we’ve met the nicest people at our bed and breakfast, some new ones check-in that are even nicer.

Life is good in Jonesville.

Breast Cancer – Reconstruction Surgery Results

Two years and 7 days ago, my wife had breast cancer surgery that eventually became a double mastectomy. Today, she had reconstructive surgery and once again is looking very bodacious for a 50 year old woman.

This is her time line from start to finish:

Breast Cancer Pink RibbonLori’s self examination 8 months after her annual mammogram revealed something suspicious. Her doctor moved quickly and set her up for immediate imaging tests. Another mammogram looked the same as the last, but an ultrasound showed an unusual mass. A biopsy was scheduled along with worst case scenario appointments. If the biopsy turned out to be malignant, my wife and doctor agreed that immediate action was the plan of choice.

We got the bad news a few days later and in a few more days, the mastectomy was done and a port was installed in her chest to deliver the upcoming chemo therapy. She was give a month to heal from the surgery before eight rounds of chemo was scheduled for every other week. The chemo affected her to the point that the treatment was changed to every third week. She finished these treatments about 5 and a half months after the initial surgery.

Two weeks of rest was followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation treatment. The treatment was very harsh on her chest skin and also affected her esophogus. Both of these areas had to heal before any reconstruction could be done.

Today is 2 years and a week after her original surgery, and a year and a half after her final radiation treatment.  It has been a long haul.

Women who get a mastectomy are entitled by law to receive reconstructive breast surgery. We found a nearby surgeon in Detroit, Michigan, to do the reconstruction.  Dr. Mariam Awada of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery group in Southfield, is our doctor of choice. We cannot say enough good things about her professionalism, skill, client recommendations, and bedside manner.  She even let us sample the saline and the silicone versions–the silicone won hands down. Lori has been told by Dr. Awada to start wearing tight fitting tops to show off her new look.  After all, everyone is going to notice, people are going to be curious, and Lori is not shy about telling her story to anyone who wants to know.

We are not done yet.  The nipple has not yet been formed.  Dr. Awada told us that if she had formed the nipple today, it would not be permanent.  So, we have to wait some more. Another 6 months and Lori will be healed enough so an artificial nipple can be formed from existing skin. She will also do any reshaping of the breast, if necessary.   At some point, the doctor will also tattoo an areola to complete the visual appearance of the breast reconstruction.

It is only 12 hours after the surgery and my wife is happy–vicodin is keeping her pain free–but more important, she looks good.  She is happy to be this close to being back to normal. I am happy because I was able to accept her physical shortcomings for the past 2 years and now I can be seen with a woman who is  pretty hot for her age.  Guys like me are lucky to be with gals like her.

Our life is an open book.  So if you are visiting the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, and have any questions about anything related to breast cancer or reconstructive surgery, we will talk to you.  No one should sit around and hope for their cancer to go away.  No one should think less of themselves because they are considering reconstructive surgery.  Taking action can very often prolong a life and give it quality.  We have no regrets.

Life is good in Jonesville.

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Why Hire a Housekeeper for a Bed and Breakfast in Michigan

Feather Duster

Feather Duster

When we bought the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, we found that one of our biggest recurring expenses was the cost of our housekeeper, Sara.  We considered letting her go… for about one minute.  Then I had a vision of a big white ball and chain in the shape of a house–that’s not for me. There is enough work to do at a B&B without having to do all the daily cleaning tasks, too.  Just cleaning a couple of rooms can take over an hour.  If the phone rings, the cleaning waits.  If the doorbell rings, the cleaning waits.  If all 7 rooms need to be turned over, it’s going to take 3-4 hours, and if the phone keeps ringing, the house never gets clean on schedule.  My time can be spent promoting my business rather than doing all of the work.

Sara is a peach.  She has worked for us since 1999.  She does her chores well, and she needs little direction. She will work every day, if we need her.  Her record is 115 days straight.  It sounds like a lot, but we’re talking about a work day of just 2-4 hours.  In her 10 years with us, she has called in sick just once.  She has asked to be off for just a handful of specific dates–weddings, planned surgery, graduations.  She has never been late to work, and is usually early.  I know a good thing when I see it.

Sara cleans the rooms.  She makes beds, scrubs bathrooms, vacuums, dusts, and does the general cleaning.  I get to do the dishes and laundry.  Together, we are a pretty good team and can get the house in good shape pretty fast.  The biggest advantage to having a housekeeper is that when the phone rings, her routine is not interupted.  She is a machine focused on the job at hand.  She plans her work and just keeps going until it’s done.

Our housekeeping expense is still our largest expense, but it is also the one I do not want to eliminate.  We have one rule around here, “don’t make Sara mad.”  She is the perfect employee.  She cheerfully does the work I don’t want to do and she does it well. We pay her well, so we can count on not having to replace her and end up having to train a new person.

Many of my fellow innkeepers, who are doing all the housework themselves, are tired of all the work that goes along with owning a B&B.  They get up early to make breakfast, they do all of the cleaning, they meet guests, and run the business in their spare time.  For me, running the business is my full time occupation.  I take a 10 minute break every hour or so to do another load of laundry, but most of the rest of my time is doing things that will hopefully produce another client.

On most days, I take care of my breakfast peeps between 6-10 a.m. Then I have a 4-5 hour window to do other stuff–marketing, networking, working out, shopping, etc.  When my activities get done early, I do a lot of internet marketing.  Then, I start waiting for my peeps to arrive.  Sunday – Friday arrivals are usually between 6-8 p.m. Saturday arrivals between 3-5 p.m.  When my last peep arrives early, I get the rest of the night off.  When my peeps arrive late, I watch a lot of movies and play videos games or practice my ukulele.

Some of my fellow innkeepers do not pay their help enough. To keep them, they put tip envelopes in the bedrooms to try to get the guests to supplement the housekeeper’s wage. Personally, I think it’s tacky–like the tip jar at the coffee shop. When I travel, I usually drop a five on the pillow when I check out. I know I’m in the minority. Most people do not leave tips for the housekeeping staff, unless they are guilted into it by putting a tip envelope in the room.

I really like my job. But I would probably hate it if I had to do all of the housekeeping plus all of what I usually do every day. I think that is the main reason many innkeepers burn out after just a few years. Our longevity is ahead of many of our colleagues. We’ve been here 10 years now and do not feel any pressure to get out of the business any time soon. Most of the satisfaction of my job is that I have surrounded myself with good people who make my job a lot more enjoyable, and I have no intention of ever making Sara mad.

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Mike Venturini – Collecting State Quarters

Michigan Quarter

Michigan Quarter

Back in 1999, American 25 cent pieces were redesigned to honor each state as it entered the Union starting with Delaware.  New coins for all 50 states were issued over the next 10 years with a mint mark for Denver and Philadelphia.  The final coin in the set honors Alaska.  In total there are 100 different quarters.

My brother gave me a commemorative quarter folder for my birthday in 2008 and I started collecting. I do not collect these coins agressively.  I check my pockets a few times a week and the coins are reviewed to see if they will fit in my folder.  It’s been over 6 months now and I have collected 68 of 100 coins. To my surprise, I have none of the first coin issued–Delaware.  You’d think that the oldest of the coins would be the easiest to find.  In the case of Delaware, it’s not.

Delaware Quarter
Delaware Quarter

I have completed the 2001 set, but there are holes in all the other years.  It’s been fun collecting them and it’s fun to see the order in which they come into my possession.  I’m betting that Delaware will be the last to be acquired in my collection.

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