Movie Review: The Purge ****


The Purge” is a story about the future of America–where it is legal to commit crimes on one day each year without fear of arrest or prosecution. On this day, wrongs are righted, the indigent are eliminated, and pent-up anger is released. This successful annual event has led to unprecedented prosperity and support of the United States government. There are no more sick or homeless people, crime and unemployment are at an all time low, and everyone fears retaliation–so they are always on their best behavior. Virtually all social programs have been eliminated and only prosperous people remain, making America the richest country in the world.

On Purge Night, there are 2 choices: hide or seek. Some people have made plans on who to execute on Purge Night. They sharpen their knives, load their guns, and go out on a rampage to release their stored-up negative energy. Some people have gone to great lengths to protect themselves from intruders on Purge Night. They buy exotic security systems, stockpile weapons, and wait for the night to be end.

One family has made some mistakes and doesn’t realize that they are a target for purging until stuff starts to happen. Their home becomes a target by unknown assailants. They fight for their lives and struggle with the morality of this government sanctioned program and the people who participate.

This is an extremely violent and troubling movie that addresses many social issues. It is not for kids, the squeamish, or righteous individuals. The story is very well-told, the suspense is edge-of-your-seat extreme, and the ending was good. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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