Mike & Lori Venturini

Mike & Lori Venturini - Innkeepers - Munro House B&B

Mike & Lori Venturini - Innkeepers - Munro House

Lori and I threw in the corporate towel in 1999 to purchase the Munro House B&B in downtown Jonesville.  Since then, we have hosted over 20,000 visitors, contracted thousands of massages and spa services, put on hundreds of murder mystery dinners, cooked with scores of amateur chefs, hosted a bunch of weddings, and we can’t wait to meet the next person to come to our house.

Meanwhile, we comment on television, pop culture, and stuff that’s going on in our lives. We hope you find it interesting.

Published on February 3, 2009 at 1:32 pm  Comments (6)  

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  1. I came across the card you gave me when you were leaving Keebler. Nice to see that you are doing well.
    Greg Gustafson

    • Hey Greg,

      Wow, it’s been 10 years now. How’s life in Point? The auto industry meltdown has our whole state in economic turmoil. Grocery seems to be hanging in there, though. I still spend way too much time critiquing grocery stores–it’s in the blood, or something. I still enjoy walking the cookie aisle and checking out the end displays. I don’t know if there’s still money in it, but Kellogg’s seems to be holding their stock prices. We’ve got Kroger and Wal-Mart. But we make do with what we got. I sure do miss the produce from Copps. Hope all is well.


  2. This is not a comment, but a query. I grew up in Madison, Cross Plains, Black Earth and Milwaukee. I stumbled upon this website by accident while searching for something else. I am thoroughly enjoying this site and it brings back great memories. I noticed your last name was Venturini. I had a very good friend in Milwaukee many, many years ago whose name is Dave Venturini. I lost touch with him, but have always wondered about him and his family…great people! Would you by any chance be related?


    • I grew up north of Milwaukee in Campbellsport, went to High School in Beloit, and raised my son in Appleton. I have found a lot of Venturini’s in Wisconsin and across the US. We all have one thing in common: Our name translates to “adventurous” or more specifically “the wanderer”. It is the name given to everyone in Italian orphanages! My ancestry goes back to my grandfather–an orphan– and stops. We have no relatives in our short family tree named Dave. I am sorry I can not help you more.

  3. Thanks, Mike, for your reply to my email and for the interesting history of the Venturini name. I enjoy your blog & will check back often. I get homesick for Wisconsin and still come back for high school reunions. I hope I can visit your inn on one of those trips…it is fascinating. You and your wife have done a wonderful thing with it.

  4. Stayed there for the first time with my Wife on 12-6-12 it was her Birthday! We only live 10 minutes away right in Jonesville in a old farm house built in 1841. The Munro House was Wonderful, And so Beautiful! Mike & Lori were great, The breakfast was also amazing! We can’t wait to go back and do the underground tour!

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