American Idol Lip Sync? Part 8 Rat Pack Results Night

americanidol7Continuing with the Rat Pack theme, the 5 remaining American Idol hopefuls sang a medley of standards that included “I Got Rhythym” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing”.  Their choreography was pretty basic and their singing appeared to be live. Each Idol took a solo portion of the group song and appeared to do a fine job singing the songs live. There appeared to be no lip syncing going on tonight during the group performance.

All five contestants were called out on the stage. Two of them were placed on the left, two on the right, and Adam Lambert in the middle. Adam was asked which group he belonged with and he chose wrong. Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta were safe. Adam joined Matt Giraud and Kris Allen in the bottom three. Judge Kara DioGaurdi’s jaw dropped and the trio was sent backstage while Natalie Cole sang “Something’s Gotta Give”. She did a fine job and exemplified her status as a consummate entertainer.

Season 5 American Idol Idol Taylor Hicks came out and performed his new song. He was at ease on the Idol stage and seemed to be having a great time performing for the live audience.

Kris was moved to safety, leaving the bottom 2 vote getters–Matt & Adam–to wait until after Jamie Foxx sang his #1 song to discover their fate. The song is a hit, but it did not translate well to a live performance.

matt-giraudAt the end of the night, Adam, was safe and Matt was sent home.  They are now down to 4 contestants. These are definitely the 4 best singers left in the competition. There has never been a better fianl 4 in any of the previous years of the competition. It is not obvious who will ultimately win the competition. Adam appeared to be the front runner with weekly accolades from the judges and the screaming of girls in the audience whenever he appeared. But ending up 2nd from the bottom after a stellar performance this week means that anything can still happen in the final 3 weeks of the competition. Every vote matters.

slashNext week ‘s theme is “Rock” with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses being the guest mentor. Adam and Allison should shine during this show with each having a natural edge towards rock music. But Kris has been improving every week and Danny is consistantly awesome. It will be interesting and should be the single best week of competition, ever.

When it gets down to just a few contestants, everyone has their fan base and can expect them to vote pretty much the same way next week regardless of how good or bad they actually are. What the Idols need to do is win over the fans of the person most recently voted off.  Assuming all of the singers do a good job next week, Matt’s fans will have the biggest impact on who goes home next, just like Anoop Desai’s and Lil Rounds’ fans did this week.

I’ll be watching on the big screen at the Munro House with my Red Coca-Cola cup in one hand and cell phone in the other, dialing for my favorite, until the battery dies.

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Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 6 Rat Pack Week

rat-packIt was “Rat Pack” night with the American Idol contestants singing standards.  Jamie Foxx mentored the 5 remaining singers and helped them reach within themselves for personality and audience connection while performing the music.

Kris Allen performed “The Way You Look Tonight” and had a great beginning and a great end with a so-so middle.  Allison Iraheta sang “Someone to Watch Over Me”. She performed well beyond her age (now 17) and got raspy while softening her rocker image. Matt Giraud had trouble with “My Funny Valentine”. He was hot when he sang with his full voice and fell short when he went falsetto and while extending his runs. Danny Gokey was cool all the way through “Come Rain or Come Shine”.

adam-lambert-rat-packThe night belonged to Adam Lambert. He came down the staircase in a white suit and stopped halfway, where he performed a full verse of “Feeling Good” before continuing down to the stage to finish the song. Once again, they saved the best performer for last. Adam was confident, polished, poised, and ready to win the contest again this week.

Kara DioGaurdi said that whenever Adam performs, her mouth drops open because he is confusing, shocking (in a good way), sleazy, superb, way over the top, appealing, and she likes him.  That sums up the way she feels whenever Adam performs.

americanidol6The competition is pretty tight with just 5 contestants left. Based solely on tonight’s performance, Adam and Danny are safe, Matt is in trouble, Kris and Allison could go either way. I hope that America gets it right and keeps the best performers in the competition for at least one more week.

Once again, I’m just a guy sitting on the couch with my peeps at the Munro House watching American Idol while enjoying a tall cool soft drink in my red Coca-Cola Judge’s Cup enjoying the best entertainment on television.

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American Idol Lip Sync? Part 7 Disco Week

americanidol4Elimination night started with the idols going into the dance studio with Paula Abdul. She taught them some moves and the group performance had them singing Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” while doing a dance routine.  They really knew their moves and did very good with their choreography. The idols wore head sets and they did a very good job of lip syncing while maneuvering around the stage.  There was no way that they could keep their breath and sing in tune while performing some pretty complex dance steps.

Freda Payne, Thelma Houston, and KC (without the Sunshine Band) performed their dance hits. All three had a degree of difficulty singing and dancing at the same time. David Archuletta, last year’s runner-up, performed live and did a fine job. Joy was visible in everything about him. He is having the time of his life.

Lil Rounds was the first to be in the bottom 3 and was immediately told her journey was over. Because the “save” card was played last week for Matt Giraud, this week would have 2 contestants going home. Anoop Desai and Alison Iraheta rounded out the bottom three and Anoop was sent home, too.

American Idol is down to the final 5 and all 5 are strong contenders. 4 of them have a legitimate chance to win it all.

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Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 5 Disco Week

adam-lambert-discoThis week was Disco Week on American Idol. The singers chose dance songs from the late 70’s and erly 80’s. Two singers are in big trouble, two are safe, and three could go either way.  Adam Lambert is safe.  His rendition of “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman from the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack was outstanding. He took an upbeat dance song and turned it into a slow heartbreaking ballad. I thought he might shed a tear during his performance. Paula Abdul almost did, too. All the judges gave him props.

Kris Allen is safe, too. He is improving every week and is slowly making his way into the top two. He took a classic Donna Summer song, “She Works Hard for the Money”, turned it around, made it an original, and blew me away.

Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud were in the bottom 2 last week, Matt was saved, and they both may be leaving on Wednesday. Neither impressed me with even a bit of originality or personality and should be the bottom vote getters again.  I hope that the “save” card that was played last week does not come back to haunt the excellent singers who will remain after tonight’s vote. Only one save can be used during the season, so I hope America gets it right and doesn’t dump a front runner this week or next.

Danny Gokey, Alison Iraheta, and Anoop Desai did not blow me away, but they all proved that they can sing.  I hope America agrees that they will round out the best 5 singers left in the competition.

americanidol3Adam and Kris gave me a performance I wasn’t expecting and impressed me very much.  Adam nailed his disco rendition and gave me something special like he does every week. Kris has been improving every week and his song on Disco week was a very pleasant surprise. Right now, based solely on their latest performance, these should be the last 2 standing in the competition. I’m, just one guy sitting on the couch at the Munro House rooting for my favorite contestant, Adam lambert.

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American Idol Lip Sync? Part 6 – Movie Week

americanidol2Movie week competition is over and the group performance held to the same theme. The ensemble performed “Maniac” from the movie “Flashdance”.  There was no evidence of lip sync going on in this song.  Everyone got a chance to sing part of the song solo and everyone looked like they were having fun. When it was over, I was satisfied, even though it isn’t one of my favorite songs.

Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus both sang live. Both gave a good live performance, but I could not get excited about either song. I will not be rushing out to I-Tunes any time soon to find these songs.

Matt Giraud and Lil Rounds got the least number of votes. Anoop Desai was in the bottom three, but got sent back into the competition. It was announced that Matt was the lowest vote getter. He got the opportunity to sing for a second chance. Although his do-over was no better than disco1last night’s performance, the judges decided to play the “save” card. Matt will be competing again next week. The bad news is that 2 contestants will be voted out next week, and it will be Disco week.

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Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 4 – Movie Week

adam-lambert-born-to-be-wildThis week’s American Idol had a movie theme.  The task was to take a song from a movie and make it current. I was surprised to see Adam Lambert perform early on this night. It had seemed like the producers always made him perform late in previous weeks–you know, save the best for last. But, this time he was the third performer.

Quentin Tarantino was the guest coach this week. He is not a singer by trade, so I thought this was an odd choice. Then I remembered that he had been a guest judge on a previous season. As a movie director, he had a lot to offer the contestants on the performance side of their song and he appears to be a fan of the show. So he was a good choice of people to give suggestions to the singers.

Adam went back to the 60’s and picked a song from the movie “Easy Rider”. The tune he picked was the Steppenwolf classic “Born to Be Wild”. The band was right on stage and dressed up for the evening in ties for the guys and gown for the girls. They looked a little odd playing this high energy song in formal wear. The drummer was literaly beating his skins and cymbals. What impressed me was that Adam sang over the music. As hot as the music was, the singing was the star attraction.

Adam started out slow, then energized the crowd with his stage movements and screaming–on pitch. To save time, only 2 judges got to make comments. Paula loved it. Simon didn’t care for his stage antics–he compared it to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The crowd went wild. ‘Nuff said.

Once again, Lil Rounds disappointed, so did Matt Giraud–wrong song, poor interpretation. Kris Allen picked a not-so-familiar song, but did it well–still could spell trouble. Anoop Desai crooned. Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta should have no worries this week.

americanidol1Adam Lambert stood out, energized the crowd, and was en fuego! He is the reason to watch the show each week. There is anticipation for which direction Adam will take his choice of songs each week, not so much for any of the others. He is the one to beat.

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American Idol Lip Sync? Part 5

americanidolThere were 8 contestants on American Idol at the beginning of this week’s show, but only 7 at the end.  All 8 performed live in the group performance.  Well, as close as I could tell.  Only Allison, Matt, Lil, and Adam had solos, singing their rendition of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. The others just did background vocals.  This tells me that there was confidence in only 4 of these 9 contestants to perform well, with choreography.

Frankie Avalon was a surprise guest performer. The Ford video had a magic theme and was hot. Flo Rida was on fire. Kellie Pickler was even hotter than I remember in style, appearance, and performance.

The bottom three included Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, and Scott MacIntyre. Lil returned to safety and Scott ended up with the fewest votes. The judges split 2 to 2 on saving Scott after his second chance at the song. It was not to be.

As the number of performers is whittled down, the ones that are able to handle the pressure of the results show performance, on top of the pressure of the competition, are rising to the top. After re-analyzing the remaining group of 7, there are only 4 left that have a legitimate chance to become the next American Idol–Adam, Allison, Danny, or Kris.

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Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 3

adam-lambert-mad-worldAnother week of American Idol performances, and once again, they saved the best for last. Adam Lambert came out number 8 of 8, changed his look, and sang a familiar, but not popular song, and made the original song writer famous. 

 I seem to remember “Mad World” from Tears for Fears as an MTV music video from the early 80’s.  I checked the Billboard charts and found that it didn’t crack the top 40 in the USA, so it didn’t get much radio airplay.  Then Gary Jules redid it and it appeared on the soundtrack for the 2001 cult movie “Donnie Darko”.  That’s the version that Adam’s rendition most resembled. Someone said it was also used in the Gears of War video game commercial. So it was familiar, but never a hit. He has a knack for picking the right song, making it his own, and singing it with poise and confidence.

Of all the American Idol contestants, Adam lambert is the one I wait for each week. He does so many things well and is able to mix rough with soft and fast with slow. There is so much anticipation as to which direction he will go next, that he is the one to watch. He is not guaranteed to win–remember Chris Daughtry–but he is the current front runner.  He is interesting, consistent, polished, humble, relevant, and talented.  Is there another contestant with 3 of those qualities?

Based solely on this week’s performance:  Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, and Kris Allen are in trouble; Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Danny Gokey are safe. None of the bottom three are worth saving.  As good as Lil is, she just doesn’t bring it every week.  She hasn’t been good since the auditions, and I’m tired of waiting for her to stand up and sing.  Matt Giraud is a local favorite, being from Michigan.  I didn’t think too much of his performance, although everyone I talked to did.  He does too many runs for me.  If he were to end up in the bottom three, I would not be surprised.

Simon Cowell gave Adam a standing ovation. ’nuff said.

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American Idol Group Performance Lip Sync Part 4

americanidolAnother results night on American Idol, and the group performance has morphed again.  Parts 1 and 2 were obviously lip synched, part 3 was a pre-recorded video, and part 4 was something different… or was it? 

I was surprised to hear Ryan Seacrest say “we are live” and the group began to sing “Don’t Stop Believing”.  The Idols started as Ryan was leaving the stage and as the camera panned, the audience was visible.  So it wasn’t a music video, but were we back to lip sync? or were they live?  I wasn’t sure. 

I was impressed that the choreography was limited and the lips were in sync enough that it looked live–except Scott.  He had a solo at the piano and was not singing into the mic, but his voice was crystal clear.  After a replay, I think that the performance was a lip sync, but it was a sync to the first take, not a multiple track remix. So bravo to the Idols and the mixers in making it look closer to live than ever before.

David Cook was hot and live.  Lady Gaga was even hotter and live.  She looked and moved a lot like Dale Bosio of Missing Persons, ya think?

megan-joyMegan Joy said she didn’t care when asked about Simon’s negative comments given on performance night.  When it was revealed that she had the least numver of votes, Simon said because of that remark there was no chance for her to remain in the competition using the “Save” option.  There are 8 contestants left.. and 6 of them have a legitimate chance to win it all.

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