Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey **

movie fifty shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is a sex movie about power, submission, and coercion. Christian Grey is a 27 year old billionaire who leads a privileged, but secluded life. Anastasia Steele is a pretty, but frumpy, naive roommate of a college reporter. She fills in as the interviewer of this successful man who is scheduled to make the commencement speech at her college. Christian finds her naivete alluring. He takes a special interest in her and proceeds to lay down ground rules for a personal relationship. The non-disclosure contract is signed immediately, as she is enamored with this rich and powerful man. He appears to have taken a genuine interest in her, and showers her with gifts. Things get creepy when he shows her his playroom that is filled with blindfolds, restraints, suspension, and flogging devices. He then produces another contract that specifically spells out what is expected, acceptable, and unacceptable in their sexual relationship. His desires are cruel. She wants romance. They appear to go half way toward each other’s desires, but he presses her to sign the contract to lean the power towards himself and his depraved desires.

This movie is not for everybody. Definitely leave young people at home. At least 2 moviegoers left the theater and did not return at the preview late show. This is a very troubling movie about the dark side of relationships. This movie goes beyond playful physicality between couples. It tells a depraved story about dominance and willful submissiveness in the most personal way. There is a love story in there somewhere, but the violent sex life of this guy is disturbing and unacceptable. Her acting was better than his. No Academy Awards for this one. 2 out of 5 stars.

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Movie Review: American Sniper *****

movie american sniper

American Sniper is a modern day war movie about one man’s job as a sniper in the Middle East. A good old boy is moved by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and enlists in the Navy as an older recruit. His outdoor hunting background, maturity, and work ethic makes him a good candidate for the Navy Seals, so he goes through the program to become one of the best. His marksmanship leads to his assignment as a sniper. His job is to kill enemy combatants who threaten his troops as they move through occupied cities. Although most targets are men of military age, there are women and children who could also be a threat. Doing his job with no remorse is the theme of the movie. The enemy has snipers, too. Every shot allows the enemy to know his location and puts his life in danger. Each tour of duty makes it harder to assimilate into a normal life back home with his wife and child. His patriotism brings him back to war where he becomes known as “the legend”. Countless soldiers knew that they were a lot safer when this man was looking out for them. This is a true story about a real soldier.

Clint Eastwood directed a superb movie with great acting from Bradley Cooper. It tells a very good story about how hard it is to experience the horrors of war, then come home and try to be normal. This movie is not for everybody. There are a lot of F-bombs and a lot of realistic killing. Leave the kids at home. Leave the squeamish at home. American Sniper may be one of the most important war movies ever told. This is a serious contender for all 6 of its nominations for Academy Awards. I loved it. 5 out of 5 stars.

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Movie Review: The Gambler **

movie the gambler

The Gambler is a suspense drama starring Mark Wahlberg as a college professor with a gambling problem. He gets deeper into debt and does not fear the consequences. His inheritance doesn’t matter, his life doesn’t matter, his family doesn’t matter, but does his relationship with a student matter?

I was bored with it. The story meandered. The plot was hard to find. I didn’t like it. Surprised that I didn’t walk out and ask for a refund. Maybe it’s because I like Mark Wahlberg. Just 2 out of 5 stars.

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