Siobhan Magnus Eliminated from American Idol


It was Shania Twain week on American Idol and the girls were in trouble.  Despite being favorites to score high, both Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox had less-than-stellar weeks.  It was very possible one of them would be out of the competition.

Before the votes were announced, we heard performances from Rascal Flatts, Sons of Sylvia, Lady Antebellum, and Shakira. There was also a vampire themed Ford commercial and a Shrek Forever After preview.

The contestants were grouped into 3 pairs–Siobhan Magnus and Lee Dewyze, Aaron Kelly and Crystal Bowersox, plus Casey James and Michael Lynche. Without suspense, Siobhan was escorted to the opposite side of the stage while the host, Ryan Seacrest announced here is your bottom 3–Casey, Michael, and Siobhan.  They all looked surprised. Michael was led to safety, leaving Casey and Siobhan to await their fate. Casey had his best performance ever and Siobhan was praised by the judges, so who would have to go?

When we were told that Siobhan got the fewest votes, she looked absolutely stunned.  She pulled herself out of the shock and roused the crowd with an outstanding rendition of “Think”.  There are 5 Contestants left, and we’ll see what happens next week when Harry Connick Jr mentors the idols as they perform standards.

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Crystal Bowersox Shania Twain Week American Idol


Shania Twain mentored the remaining 6 American Idol contestants while they performed tunes from her songbook.  All sang country pop songs and put their own spin on them. The guys significantly outperformed the girls. Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus were two of the favorites to win the competition, but the two remaining girls were not great this week.

Lee DeWyze opened with “You’re Still the One”. It was the perfect song for his style. His raspy rendition along with his acoustic guitar accompaniment made this a very good opening act. Casey James sang “Don’t” and didn’t rely on his guitar playing for a change. He was able to display his vocal range and easily had his best performance of the competition.  Michael Lynche did an emotional version of “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”. His sweet falsetto was impressive.  Aaron Kelly did “You Got a Way” and showcased his vocal range with sincere feeling and sweetness.  All of the guys were very good to great.

Siobhan Magnus did “Any Man of Mine” and impressed the judges.   From my seat, I thought that her movement into the crowd disrupted her voice until it was shaky and out of tune plus I thought she was out of breath for most of the song.  It was a good song choice for her, but her live performance was full of faults.

Crystal Bowersox did “No One Needs to Know”. She showed her powerful voice and displayed great harmonies with her backup singers, but it was a forgettable song. It was one of two country western songs that actually sounded country, but the choice was not well received by the judges or the audience.  Only her previous record of great renditions can keep her from being in the bottom 3.

I thought that this was sure to be a year where girls would dominate–and they did early on–but with only 2 females left and both of them having sub-par nights versus 4 remaining guys that were hot, I will be surprised if 2 girls are still in the contest tomorrow.  However, many Americans vote based on past performances, and if that happens one of the guys could be gone.  From where I sit, based only on this week’s performance, the bottom 3 are Michael, Crystal and Siobhan.

 John vs. Abbey: Is Crystal Bowersox in Trouble?

American Idol Gives Back Elimination Inspirational Songs Week

The 2 hour special program American Idol Gives Back was not seen by many people who use a DVR because the program went 2 hours and 25 minutes.  They saved the elimination for the end, so many people who were hoping to see the elimination portion of Inspirational Songs week were short of recording time.

There were many guest celebrities and musicians who participated in this fund-raising event. President Obama started off the show with a plea to help the less fortunate and told the remaining contestants that “you are all my dawgs”. Ban Ki-Moon, the President of the United Nations, made a similar plea, but obviously doesn’t watch Idol, so he made no endearing remarks to the audience or contestants. Annie Lennox, Morgan Freeman, and David Cook went to poor areas of the United States and Africa to show how the money that is being pledged has, and will continue to help less fortunate people around the world.

Queen Latifah held a simulcast and hosted several musical acts including the Black Eyed Peas, Jeff Beck, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, and Elton John. George Lopez and Wanda Sykes did comedy bits about American Idol. George judged the judges and Wanda made fun of the show. Both were done very tastefully.

Crystal Bowersox and Casey James were brought to the stage. It was announced that Crystal was safe and Casey wasn’t.  He was in the bottom three. Then Aaron Kelly and Lee DeWyze came out. Lee was safe and Aaron was in the bottom three. Then Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynche, and Tim Urban were brought out. Siobhan was sent to safety while we waited to find out that Mike was also safe, putting Tim in the bottom three.

With Casey, Aaron, and Tim hoping to remain in the contest, it was announced that Aaron was safe, Leaving Casey and Tim to await their fate. Tim got the fewest votes and he reacted better than any previous contestant. He was all smiles. He knew that he had beaten the odds by lasting this long.  He was brought into the top 12 after having been sent home–because another contestant dropped out. He had some poor weeks, but endeared young voters with his positive attitude, charm, and good looks. He has a great summer job singing on the Idol tour and will gain incredible experience. He seems to have been the most grateful and gracious of all of the previous non-winners.  Casey dodged a bullet, as this previous front-runner has been a little bit too relaxed and nonchalant for this incredible opportunity.

tim urban

Next week, the Idols will be mentored and sing songs by Shania Twain. Country week has historically been tough on many contestants–but nothing could be worse than Inspirational Song week, as 6 of 7 contestants did not have a great performance. The remaining 6 contestants will need to step it up a notch and put on a great show or will be sent home.

Crystal Bowersox Inspirational Songs American Idol


With 7 contestants left on American Idol and Alicia Keys mentoring them for Inspirational Songs week, I had high hopes for the remaining group. I was sadly disappointed as 6 of the 7 were just alright to bad with only one great performance–from Crystal Bowersox. Combining poor song choices with poor arrangements and uninspirational renditions made for a tough night.  Almost anybody could go home this week.

Casey James is comfortable on stage and is a great guitar player. His version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” held no emotion and was uninspirational. His superficial attempt at a lazy song choice showcased his guitar skills, but he only impressed me as being a good bar room singer.

Tim Urban did Goo Goo Dolls “Better Days”. I thought he was off-key throughout, exhibited no vocal range and executed a good song rather poorly.  Michael Lynche showcased his range singing “Hero”, but the judges said it was a questionable choice and didn’t like it.

Lee DeWyze did Simon & Garfunkle’s “The Boxer” and was praised for his genuine rendition. They unanimously liked it, but I thought it exhibited no vocal range and was just an alright version of a classic song. Aaron Kelly did R. Kelly’s “I believe I Can Fly” and did little to change it up from the original. However, he has pure vocal talent and a big voice for such a young man. Despite this, the judges were not impressed.  Siobhan Magnus took a Whitney Houston/Mariah Carrey song, “When You Believe” and defended her song choice when the judges accused her of being too dramatic and picking a diva song. She did a pretty rendition and showcased her vocal range but failed to impress the judges.

Crystal Bowersox ended the show with “People Get Ready”. She began on stage without an instrument and sang the intro a capella. She had a sensational vocal that emitted power, truth, and inspiration. This gospel blues rendition was a step away from her regular style and was absolutely fantastic. It was easily the best and most powerful performance of a night of inspirational songs and ended with Crystal getting emotional on the final lyric. She is the only performer that should rest easy until the elimination is announced.

Based solely on this performance, Casey and Tim are in the most trouble. However, they both have past performances, good looks, and charm on their side. Lee, Aaron, Siobhan, and Michael are not safe by any means, but Crystal should be. My best guess for the bottom three are Tim, Siobhan, and Michael with Tim having the poorest performance and should gather the fewest votes.  We shall see in the upcoming 2 hour star-studded special elimination program that will benefit charity with the theme “Idol Gives Back”…



American Idol Double Elimination Elvis Week


The American Idol judges decided to save Michael Lynche last week, so this week 2 contestants will be gone. This double elimination night will leave us with just 7 contestants.  A poor showing on Tuesday night’s show leaves no fewer than 6 contestants with much concern about having their idol dreams ended.  After the idols performed a medley of Elvis songs and another cool Ford video, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, and Aaron were brought to center stage.  Without warning, Andrew was told he was going home.

Lee DeWyze, Siobhan Magnus, Katie Stevens, Michael Lynche, Crystal Bowersox, and Tim Urban were then brought on stage. After a review and a little conversation, It was determined that Lee, Siobhan, and Crystal were all safe.

Brooke White did a duet of her new single. Then Adam Lambert sang his latest hit “What Do You Want from Me”. An awesome haunting intro along with a laser light show during the performance highlighted one of the best live songs ever on American Idol.

It was then announced that Tim was safe. After a few more minutes of suspense, we were told that Katie was going home and that Michael was not the 3rd lowest vote getter. Which goes to prove that the American voters are fickle from one week to the next.


Next week, we will have Alicia Keys mentor the remaining 7 contestants as they choose inspirational songs during the theme week that highlights “Idol Gives Back”.

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Crystal Bowersox American Idol Elvis Week with Adam Lambert


Nine finalists were once again competing against each other to become the next American Idol. These same nine contestants competed last week and the judges decided to Save Michael Lynche rather than send him home. That means that after this show, two singers will be eliminated. Last year’s runner-up, Adam Lambert, was the mentor to help the singers choose and sing a song from the Elvis Presley collection. By the end of the night, 3 sang well, 6 did not, and 2 will go home for earning the fewest votes.

Crystal Bowersox came out with an electric guitar and played a lesser known Elvis song, “Save”. She started fast, slowed it down, and made it her own. It was an energetic, hot, up-tempo blues song. A dramatic tempo change made the rendition original and excited the judges and the audience. I was not familiar with the song, but loved it and can imagine it as a current hit. The show started on a high note.

Andrew Garcia did “Hound Dog”. Adam told him “we know the song, make it yours”. He did a slow bluesy version of the mega hit that the judges hated. It wasn’t awful, and he did make it sound original, but it was lacking in energy and personality. Aaron Kelly sang “Blue Suede Shoes”. He had a good vocal that was short on electricity. It started with a rock vibe and finished slow blues.  The judges were not impressed.  Michael Lynche modernized “In the Ghetto”.  He combined a sleepy arrangement with a hot vocal that resulted in mixed emotions from the judges. Casey James took an unknown song “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” and did nothing with it. He gave a solid performance, but there was nothing memorable about it.

Katie Stevens took a step backwards after performing “Baby What Do You Want Me to Do?” She took an upbeat song and added no energy. The judges were short on time and gave her no critical advice. Siobhan Magnus sang “Suspicious Minds” dressed conservatively beautiful. She started off with pop and finished with gospel. The judges did not like the erratic tempo and style change.

Lee DeWyze bluesed up “A Little Less Conversation” and nailed it.  He owned the song and energized the crowd. His personality is emerging and he is improving each week.  Tim Urban stole the show with “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”. He sang it like an acoustic lullaby. His performance was very pretty, authentic, and meaningful.

Crystal, Lee, and Tim gave the best performances and should be safe.  But no one is safe, now that the Save option is gone. The other 6 contestants are sure to be more nervous and are in deep trouble.  The question is, which two will be gone?  Based solely on this week’s performance, it would not surprise me to see Andrew, Siobhan, Michael, and Casey at the bottom with 2 guys leaving the competition.


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American Idol Results Beatles Week

American Idol

Nine American Idol contestants were judged on their song choice and performance of music from Lennon and McCartney which includes the Beatles catalog.  All contestants did “well” to “great”.  No one did bad, but someone would have to receive the fewest votes.

First, the judges brought out the three remaining girls.  Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, and Katie Stevens stood in the center of the stage to await their fate.  Host, Ryan Seacrest, asked the judges which of these girls should potentially go home.  They unanimously replied, none of them.  They were right.  All three girls were relieved of the suspense that would decide who got to sing again next week.

Jason Derulo, David Archuletta, and Rihanna all performed live.  All sang their hit songs and sang them well.

Then, the six remaining guys were separated into 2 groups of 3.  Lee DeWyze, Casey James, and Tim Urban were in one group. Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia were in the other.  It was said that one of these groups of 3 received the fewest votes.  The audience was abuzz as, arguably, the worst performer, Tim,  was in the group with who were, arguably, the front-runners.  It was announced that this group was safe, which put the pressure on the other group of guys.

Aaron was sent to safety, leaving Michael and Andrew to wait to see who would be going home.  Shockingly, it was announced that Michael Lynche got the fewest votes.  He had an opportunity to sing and be saved for one more week of competition.  He sang well and the judges decided to keep him around.  They used the “Save” option–which can only be used once–to keep Michael in the contest for at least one more week.  The bad news is that on the next show, 2 contestants will be voted out and the Save can not be used again.

Big Mike

I think the judges wasted the Save.  Michael is a good singer, but falls into the Reuben Studdard/Fantasia Berino/Taylor Hicks category–he is a very good singer, but a mass audience will not buy the style of music he sings. They would have been better to save it for a fluke vote that might vote out Crystal, Casey, Siobhan, or Lee.  Next week, last year’s American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, will be the guest mentor.  I have a feeling that a front-runner may end up in the bottom 2 and will be done with this year’s competition.

Crystal Bowersox American Idol Lennon & McCartney Week Top 9


The top 9 contestants got to choose any Lennon and McCartney song to perform this week on American Idol–which is basically the entire Beatles collection. It was a total surprise that no one failed.

Katie Stevens and Tim Urban were in the bottom three last week.  Katie totally surprised me with a fantastic version of “Let It Be”.  She picked a good song, made it her own, and delivered it with power and conviction for a change. Tim played guitar and sang a pop version of “All My Loving”.  It was well-played and it showcased his singing voice.  The judges think he is some sort of anomaly and put him in his own category that makes him somewhat of a heart-throb who also sings.  They don’t like him, but they gave him props.

Michael Lynche performed a chance-taking song with an electric orchestra version of “Eleanor Rigby”. He knocked it out. Lee DeWyze definitely intended to do a live sing-along rendition of “Hey Jude” and performed it well.  Aaron Kelly did “The Long and Winding Road” which turned into a sleepy slow song sung sweetly. His youth should keep the younger crowd voting for him. Andrew Garcia got upbeat for a change and sang a pop version of “Can’t Buy Me Love”. He sang it and played his guitar well, but the judges didn’t like it.

After a horrendous performance last week, Siobhan Magnus is back in the hunt for the grand prize with a controlled, pretty, and subdued version of “Across the Universe”. She is one of few Idol contestants, ever, who can consistently hit the low notes as well as the high notes.  I was totally impressed and think she is back in queue for the final 3. She is the one who will surprise us every week with her look, her choice of songs, and her rendition in her own unique style.

Casey James is so-o-o-o good. He took an unfamiliar John Lennon song, “Jealous Man”, and sang it well, played it well, and showcased incredible sensitivity. He is easily the front-runner for the guys.  He is so comfortable on stage, has total command of his guitar, and sings effortlessly.  Win or lose, we will be seeing a lot of Casey James in the future.

Crystal Bowersox had another fantastic performance with “Come Together”.  She made it cool, modern, and relevant.  It was easy to tell she was having fun and had another top-notch week.  She is still my early pick to win the competition, but she is already good and has less room to improve musically, she does have room to explode with more personality.  Other contestants can make huge strides by increasing their confidence each week and could be seen as showing the most improvement while Crystal is already near the top of her game.

With no painful performances this week, it will be hard to let any contestant go, because they were all solid.  Based solely on this week’s performance, Lee, Andrew, and Tim were the weakest, while still being pretty good.  The difference will be shown by all the fans who unsuccessfully voted for Didi last week.  Those are the voters that these contestants need to appeal to, as everyone already has a nice voter base that is consistent each week. To get more votes, they need to appeal to the people who’s favorite is most recently gone.

It is hard to guarantee anyone a safe net with so many good performances in one week.  I will be surprised if anyone besides these three got fewer votes.  If anyone did, and end up singing for their life, this could be the week where the judges use their one time save.

Randy Jackson is still brutally honest and keys on singing ability.  Ellen Degeneres has become less distracting.  Kara DioGuardi gives the best musical and performance advice. Simon Cowell knows marketing, and definitely does not always hear what I hear.

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American Idol Results-Usher-Blues R&B Week

The 10 remaining contests on American Idol sang songs from the Blues and R&B charts.  6 of them were relatively safe. 4 were in trouble.  None was more worried than one of the favorite girls, Siobahn Magnus.  She picked the wrong song, sang it badly, and had to wait 24 hours for her fate to be revealed.  Meanwhile, Rueben Studdard, Usher, and Diddy performed their recently released songs.

During the review of the first 5 contests, it was announced that either Siobahn or Katie Stevens would be in the bottom three.  Everyone assumed it was going to be Siobhan. Everyone was wrong, and Katie was sent to await her fate.  Didi Benami was the next to be in the group with the fewest votes.  It came down to Katie or Didi.  Katie got the fewest votes and got one last chance to sing. She chose to sing “Rhiannon” from a few weeks ago and did not impress the judges enough to grant her the 2nd chance save.

We’re down to 9 singers competing to become the next American Idol. Siobhan has to get back to the top notch performer she was in previous weeks or she will be near the bottom again. Katie needs to find a song that she can make her own and stop doing excellent Karaoke. Tim Urban needs to continue being cute, but needs to mature in his performance.

Right now, the top three singers with the most momentum are Crystal Bowersox,  Lee Dewyze, and Casey James.  Crystal is the overall favorite and has been the most consistant. Lee has made the most progress, but still needs to develop some personality.  Casey James was made to be on stage. He may not be the best singer, but he may be the most comfortable and reliable  performer of all.

Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia should be around for several more weeks, but they still need to pick good songs, make them current, and perform them well, or they could slip near the bottom.

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