Movie Review: The Girl on the Train *****


The Girl on the Train is a suspense murder mystery drama starring Emily Blunt. A woman rides the train to and from the city every day. She is an alcoholic who starts to daydream about one particular house and the attractive couple that lives there. It turns out that she used to reside in the neighborhood and has some bad memories of her life there with her ex-husband. She wishes their relationship had been more like the couple in the other house. She has a history of blacking out and has to be told what happened when she awakens from her stupor. The girl in the house disappears, and she gets involved in the search, which leads to her becoming one of the suspects. Her drunkenness prevents her from being able to recall what happened over several hours during the night of the disappearance.

This movie has a very high sexual theme with brief nudity, a lot of erotic situations, and blunt sex talk. The movie depicts drunkenness, infidelity, and loathsomeness of several characters. Some of the characters are depicted at the very worst level of human abomination. Some of the characters could be heroes. Which is which? This movie has some very disturbing scenes with some very ignoble people and earned its R rating. Do not even think of letting your teenager see this movie. The story unravels very slowly and is told through shifts back and forth in time. Pay attention, as two of the characters have a similar look. The acting and the story were outstanding. You need to know going in to the theater that there is a lot of evil out there. I was creeped out by a lot of this movie. It is not a show for everybody. However, the film was done so well, that I loved it. 5 out of 5 stars.

P.S. My wife would have walked out.

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