Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan *****

movie legend of tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan starts with the former ape man having been domesticated and educated in Europe as John Clayton AKA Lord Greystoke–a high society white man who has married Jane, the woman who discovered him. Exploitation of his homeland in the Congo of Africa causes Tarzan to go back to try to save the wild animals, the natural resources, and the native tribes. The bad guy needs Tarzan to complete the takeover of the Congo, so Tarzan and Jane are manipulated until a conflict puts them in a bad situation that will make the difference in the future of the Congo.

The movie has a lot of flashbacks that tell how Tarzan was adopted, grew up, and coexisted with wild animals. So anyone who has never heard of Tarzan can follow the story. The movie is mostly about the attempt to take diamonds from the primitive central African continent at any cost. Alexander Skarsgård plays Tarzan and has an incredible physique–he is shirtless through most of the movie–my wife liked him a lot. The story is historic fiction that is worth seeing. The computer graphics are just average–lots of gorilla scenes and swinging from vines. The cast was good, the bad guy was evil. I liked the movie and agreed with its PG-13 rating. 5 out of 5 stars.

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