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Hardcore Henry is an action movie about a guy who wakes up with no memory and incredible skills. He gets a bionic arm and leg and who knows what else? The first person he meets is a woman who claims to be his wife. He is immediately attacked relentlessly by a legion of bad guys, but he takes them all out to protect his wife. A guy named Jimmy keeps appearing in disguises. Henry is not sure whether to trust him or not. Then there’s the bad guy, Akan. He’s got telekinetic powers and controls the legion of bad guys. I wasn’t sure why they were chasing him until the very end.

The movie is shot in first person, like a video game. You never see Henry’s face, because you are Henry. He is an expert at parkour, so you get to do a lot of flips, you get to climb buildings, and you do a lot of acrobatic things. It is enough to make you dizzy. The story was just OK, the action was good enough. I just didn’t like the movie. Actually, it was horrible. Only 3 people in the theater on Saturday of opening weekend. 1 out of 5 stars.

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