Movie Review: Confirmation*****

movie confirmation

Confirmation is the real life story about the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings of 1991. A black Supreme Court justice retires and President George H.W. Bush appoints another black man as his replacement. During the vetting process, it is discovered that their may have been some impropriety towards women. A former employee, Anita Hill, is coaxed to divulge a character flaw that her boss had while they worked together. She reluctantly participates out of fear it could ruin her professional life as a law professor, while she thinks the truth must be told. The hearings are done live on TV as America tries to decide who is telling the truth. A he said-she said situation occurs that divides the country.

I lived through this and remember the situation and the players, but forgot most of the details. This movie is mostly about the struggle women in the workplace have always had. There has always been fear of retribution if they spoke up about inappropriate behavior at work. This is the first case of accusing a high ranking public official of sexual harassment that I can remember. This happened at a time when only 2 of 100 U.S. Senators were women. It is implied during the credits that had their been more female representatives at the time, the results of the hearings may have been different. The movie was excellently cast and the story was very well told by incorporating actual news clips of reporters and officials during the process. I loved it. 5 out of 5 stars.

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