Movie Review: Hateful Eight ***

movie hateful eight

An all-star cast leads The Hateful Eight: a cowboy movie in the post Civil War wild west. Several seemingly random people are heading to the same small town in Wyoming when they all get stuck at an inn during a blizzard. Two people appear to be who they claim to be, while the others do not. The plot turns into a murder mystery when people start to die while the motive and the killer is not evident.

This is a Quentin Tarantino movie that has received several Academy Award nominations. Expect deep, unexpected, and seemingly unrelated dialogue, along with sequences of brief and sustained brutal violence. The story is good and easy to follow. The acting is good and accurately depicts outlaws, villains, and travelers of the era. There is some well-placed humor to soften the drama. I was engaged for the entire 2:45–this is a long movie, played out in chapters, with a couple of flashbacks. A lot of the movie is about the differences between civil justice and frontier justice. It also touches on pragmatism, honor, and vengeance. This movie is not for everybody and earns its R rating. Lots of cussing, bleeding, and cold-heartedness. I liked it, but can only rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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