Movie Review: Interstellar ****

movie interstellar

Interstellar is a space movie about exploring the cosmos to find a new sustainable planet to colonize. The Earth has problems: dust storms, crop failures, and drought are the worst things that have occurred. A plan is devised to find a reachable planet with a similar habitation class as Earth. The biggest problem is the years it would take to get there to explore and verify its livability before sending an actual colony to start all over. A potential solution is found to travel great distances in shorter amounts of time. Tests are done, and the viability of the trip is confirmed. Several planets are chosen to explore for the best place to colonize. Decisions are made, problems occur, and solutions are attempted to try to find the best location to save the human race. Matthew McConaughey is the former space pilot who leaves his farm and family to try to save humanity. There are several love stories going on in this complicated multi-faceted tale that spans many years.

This science fiction movie is filled with science fact. Most everything is based on what we know about space and time. The things we do not know are portrayed in a believable manner. I think they got just about all of the science right. The movie is very long–almost 3 hours–plan ahead. The story is riveting without being action packed. It is so well-told that the time goes by quickly. It is so interesting that the casual movie goer might actually learn something. The movie addresses things like global warming and climate change without ever using those terms. The need to leave the planet to survive as a species is a very real depiction of the worst case scenario of the consequences of our actions with Earth. The acting is outstanding for every character. Suitable for teenagers and up. I didn’t like the ending, so just 4 out of 5 stars for me.

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