Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes *****

movie dawn of the planet of the apesDawn of the Planet of the Apes is a new addition to the modern edition of the original 1960’s Planet of the Apes franchise. In this movie, the apes have created a peaceful civilization in a colony outside of what once was San Francisco. The humans have been devastated by a killer virus. There has been no contact with people in over a decade, so the thought is that they may all be dead. However, a chance encounter is made with a surviving group of humans who wish to encroach on the apes’ land to gain access to a hydroelectric plant that could provide power for the humans. Deals are made, problems arise, and a war ensues.

This is a very good story about trade, deals, cooperation, jealousy, trust, and power. The makeup and technology made me believe that monkeys could talk. Monkeys riding horses seemed a little silly. The very real danger of a powerful populace who need something on the land of a peaceful populace is dramatized very well. I was engaged for the entire movie. I enjoyed the cooperation between the civilizations as well as the conflicts that arose through misunderstanding, misinformation, and mistrust. The NRA is going to hate this movie because of its depiction of gun violence against an unarmed people that could lead to a total overthrow of a peaceful coexistence. Everyone with a gun on both sides is depicted as being an out-of-control blood-thirsty lunatic. There is a conclusion that leads to the possibility of another sequel. I was entertained. 5 out of 5 stars.

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