Movie Review: Million Dollar Arm ****

movie million dollar arm

Based on a true story, Million Dollar Arm is the tale of an agent for professional athletes who is having trouble signing new talent in any sport. Without new clients, his lifestyle will change dramatically. He searches the globe for new talent and figures that with over a billion people in India whose favorite sport is cricket–a game similar to baseball–it couldn’t be too hard to convert a cricket bowler into a baseball pitcher. All those potential new fans from an untapped market could mean an enormous new source of income from viewership, marketing, and paraphernalia. He gets inspired while changing channels on his TV to combine cricket players with a talent show to find the next big baseball player from India–the Million Dollar Arm. He finds a sponsor and promises that the winner of the contest will get a major league tryout within a year. After the first day of auditions, it becomes quite evident that finding someone who could potentially fill the role of professional baseball player could become an exercise in futility. Turning an athlete from another culture who has never seen a baseball before into a major league pitcher in a short amount of time is more difficult than anyone had imagined.

The story shows the American being the fish out of water when traveling to India. The tables are turned when the athletes come to America. The changes in language, customs, and scenery are dramatically displayed on both sides of the world. The depiction of the overcrowding and limited opportunities of India versus the modern culture with astronomical wealth potential is displayed very well. The acting was good, the story was well-told, and the side stories were interesting. This is the kind of movie that could be enjoyed by people of any age. I liked it enough to give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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