Movie Review: Neighbors **

movie neighbors

Neighbors is a Seth Rogan movie about people who live next-door to each other, but don’t get along. New parents in a quiet subdivision look forward to meeting their new neighbors. A frat house moves in next door and continuously disturbs them with non-stop parties. An attempt is made to be cordial, but a line is crossed and the noise of the parties escalates to an intolerable level. Several attempts are made to sabotage the frat house without success until an ultimate plan comes to fruition. The movie is about friends, enemies, getting even, and trying to get along.

The acting is typical of a Seth Rogan movie. Lots of in-your-face attempts at comedy, lots of obnoxious hollering, lots of casual drug use, lots of lewdness, a few boobies, and a lot of dick jokes. This is a movie that might appeal to college students and recent first-time parents. Not appropriate for high school kids or younger. It did not appeal to me. All of the best scenes are in the commercials, so there are no big surprises.  Our theater was sold out, but only a handful of mild laughs during the 90 minute movie. ‘Keep it down’ will probably become a popular catch-phrase in the short term. It wasn’t very funny, and it wasn’t very good. 2 out of 5 stars.

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