Movie Review: Noah ***

movie noah

Noah” is a Russell Crowe movie based on the Bible story. Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden. Cain kills Abel, leaves the family and creates a huge faction based on conquest and pillaging. Meanwhile their other brother, Seth, has a much smaller sect lead by Noah. The people of Cain are destroying the land and encroaching on the peaceful existence of the people of Seth. Noah sees signs that he believes come from the Creator. The visions tell him to save the innocent creatures from a coming flood. Celestial water instantly creates a forest in the desert. Noah builds a vessel using the lumber from the newly created trees. He invokes help from the “Watchers” (who look like gigantic transformers made of rock). Together, they spend years building an ark. Two of each kind of animal from the earth and sky march, slither, and fly to the ark where Noah and his family find a creative way to manage the plethora of beasts in a confined space. It starts to rain, the Earth is flooded, almost everybody drowns while conflicts arise on the ark. There is a pregnancy, a prophecy, and a stowaway that create havoc during several months afloat. Noah becomes a crazy man trying to read between the lines of exactly what the Creator wants him to do while he questions his ability to follow through on his instructions.

I was impressed by the acting at all levels. Russell Crowe is great as Noah. The other characters are portrayed very well. The story is very well told, although it takes some extravagant liberties with telling and explaining  the familiar story. The fight scenes and the flood scenes are very good. There is a disclaimer during the credits that say that this is a work of fiction and that any similarities to any persons living or dead are coincidental. I was entertained. 3 out of 5 stars.


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