Movie Review: Son of God *

movie son of god

Son of God is a telling of the Bible story of Jesus. A child is born and is said to be the Son of God. He recruits a variety of common people who join him to revolt peacefully against Roman occupation of Israel. He performs miracles and is loved by the people while teaching a new way to embrace and acknowledge God. His preaching of love and tolerance are seen as a problem to the Pharisees and Roman Prefect. He is convicted of blasphemy and is condemned to death with unforeseen consequences.

The movie takes on a huge subject but does a poor job of telling the story we all know. Each vignette is pieced together haphazardly telling some of the great Bible stories in an out-of-context manner. The great quotations are delivered poorly by poor actors with poor direction. I was expecting an epic movie but kept seeing parts of the movie that were taken directly from the TV mini series, “The Bible”. I didn’t feel connected to the movie or to any of the characters. The movie was rated PG-13, but could have gotten an R rating for the last 30 minutes of extreme violence. Uneven special effects and lack of character development made this a real snoozer. Only a few apostles are identified, while Mother Mary and Mary (Magdeline) played extremely small parts. This is the kind of film that would be OK if made for TV if it had a narrator to tell us what is going on, and why. It is not worth paying to see in a theater. People who know the stories will find this to be a tool to visualize them. Taken as a singular work with limited knowledge of the Bible stories would make this movie hard to follow. I didn’t like it. I was very disappointed. Wait to see it on cable. 1 out of 5 stars.

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