Movie Review: Non-Stop *****

movie non-stop

Non-Stop is an airplane hijacking movie starring Liam Neeson. An air marshal with a drinking problem is on board a trans Atlantic flight when he gets a text telling him that someone will die every 20 minutes unless a huge ransom is delivered electronically to a numbered bank account. Skepticism ensues until people start to die. The immediate deaths point to him as being the possible killer/hijacker. Word gets to his superiors that he may be involved, so he has to trust strangers on the plane to help him find the real criminals before the other passengers revolt and/or the plane blows up.

This movie is loaded with drama, action, suspense, and mystery. The story is very well told and easy to follow. The suspects are numerous. The acting is very good. I was entertained for the entire length of the movie and learned something about air marshals, airplane security, and hijack response protocol. 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Nice review Mike. Can’t say it was too smart, but it was fun and I think that’s all I needed.

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