Movie Review: 300: Rise of An Empire ***

movie 300 rise of an empire

300: Rise of An Empire is a historic movie about the war between ancient Greece and Persia. It takes place at the same time as the original movie “300”, so it is not a sequel, but an expansion of the entire conflict. While the 300 Spartans are holding off the land invasion of the Persians, a sea invasion is also taking place. The Athenians are trying to unite all of the great city-states of Greece to combat the Persians with little success, so they fight them on their own using trickery and tactics to battle the much larger Persian Navy.

300: Rise of An Empire is a very violent war movie using battle graphics made famous in “300” with a lot of hacking, slicing, and bloody scenes. They utilize a lot of slow motion in the fight scenes. There are several epic motivational speeches. The story is very good. The acting is good, but few characters are memorable. I liked the movie and am glad I went to the midnight showing. 3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. The story starts from where the last 300 left. The battle ground has now become the slaughter field for the 300 who set out to defeat the immortal Xerxes all by themselves. They fought well and were a big pain for Xerxes as they were the only one to stop Xerxes from entering Greece and taking it over.

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