Movie Review: 3 Days to Kill **


movie 3 days to kill

3 Days to Kill is an assassin movie. In this one, Kevin Costner is a ready-to-retire life-long government agent who is very good at killing people for a living. He finds out he’s dying and goes to Paris to try to build a relationship with his estranged teen-aged daughter. He quits his job, but his need for an experimental drug is the bait that gets him to work on one last job to get him a little more time. He meets up with his daughter when her mother (his ex-wife) is called out-of-town on business. He volunteers to become a dad for the first time. The father and daughter now have 3 days to kill until the mom returns. They try to reestablish a relationship while she experiences teenage angst, and he seeks his target while struggling with the side-effects of his medication. Things become complicated before the final showdown in the presence of his ex-wife and daughter.

The background scenes of Paris are very cool–especially the tattoo parlor. There is a really good chase scene, a lot of gunfire, and some very interesting characters in minor roles. The assassin story is pretty good, but the family story in the middle almost turns the suspense drama into a comedy. The package was just good enough to keep me from walking out. 2 out of 5 stars.








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