Movie Review: Robocop ****

movie robocop

Robocop is a remake of the 1987 classic movie about a human that gets robotic features to become a super cop. In this version, the US military occupies foreign war zones with robotic drones that scan for explosives, patrol troubled areas, and keep the peace. But in America, politics prevent the use of robots in major cities with crime problems. To enter the lucrative US market, a new robot must be created that merges a human with robotic features. A critically injured policeman from Detroit becomes the prototype that could earn billions of dollars for the shareholders. The Robocop is created and immediately tries to solve the crime that cost him his previous life. He is able to access all live security cameras and archived news reports that assist him in locating suspects. Corruption is discovered that leads to his rebellion against the company that created him.

I loved the original Robocop and put it near the top of my all time favorite movies. This Roboc0p is more stylish, has a believable modern story, and lets him ride a cool motorcycle. I like the way the robotic future of the military is depicted. I like the controversy of incorporating the trust of robots in military and police work. I like the enhanced use of technology to do police work. I thought the Robocop could have spent more time interacting with the public and solving smaller crime. The new Robocop had no cool lines or memorable modern catch phrases. I liked the story and the updated character. 4 out of 5 stars.

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