Movie Review: Lone Survivor **

movie lone survivor

Lone Survivor is a modern day war movie about Navy Seals targeting al Qaeda militia during the war in Afghanistan. While the opening credits roll, we get a glimpse of the rugged training that Navy Seals endure to prepare for potentially brutal real life missions. Simulations of torture and drowning are a few of the exercises portrayed to train these soldiers for worst case scenarios. A plan is formatted to hike through rugged terrain to get to a village where a key opposition leader is assembling and training rebels. The objective is to get in, hit the target, and get out. Unforeseen circumstances occur, and decisions must be made to complete or abort the mission with consideration given to the rules of engagement.

The movie is based on a true story of American involvement during the war in Afghanistan. Mark Wahlberg stars as the main character. His physique makes him a convincing example of an elite soldier. He could pass as a Navy Seal. His portrayal is believable. The clash between forces and the brutality of war is documented with a long, intense, harrowing firefight in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan.

This movie is not for the squeamish. Lots of F-bombs are used. Gory death scenes, beheadings, fatal falls, and broken bones cross the screen. View the show expecting to see a real depiction of war. Unfortunately, the title of the movie gives away the ending. 2 out of 5 stars,

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