Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World 3D ***

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Thor: The Dark World is a Marvel Comics movie about the hammer wielding super hero, Thor, based on the Norse Mythology God of Thunder. In this battle of good vs. evil, the evil attempt to destroy the 9 Realms of the good by invoking the power of the Aether–a long hidden substance that cannot be destroyed. The Aether is accidentally discovered and brought to Earth where the evil take control of it to use against the Realms. Thor needs the help of his evil brother, Loki, to battle the indestructible powers. Unfortunately, Loki has been locked in prison for some time, and may not be ready to support his brother. Together, they must set aside their difference to try to save the Realm.

I like super hero movies, but I am not very familiar with Thor. I know who he is but did not see his first movie. Still, I was able to follow and enjoy the movie. The story is well told. There is a lot of action enhanced by computer graphics. The 3D effects were good, but not great. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

Be sure to watch until the very end. There is a teaser bonus scene following the cast of characters, and there is a hilarious scene following the last of the credits. It is definitely worth the extra few minutes.

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