Movie Review: The Heat ****

movie the heat

The Heat” is a buddy movie about a cop and an FBI agent who team up to stop a drug deal. The twist is that the main characters are women. One is a hardened street-smart detective whose peers are jealous, intimidated, and appalled by her rough, unorthodox, but effective methods. The other is an arrogant uptight super intelligent agent ready for promotion whose peers are turned off by her by-the-book, know-it-all arrogance. These two misfits are brought together to find the drug lord who is supplying drugs to Boston.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are the mismatched duo who are proud of their law enforcement expertise, but have no life outside of police work and have no friends inside the police force. Bullock is awkwardly funny and has become a great comedic actor. McCarthy is crudely funny with enough confident attitude to compete with any man. Together, they are just plain funny. The story is weak, but the fun is strong, and the laughs are frequent–the club scene alone was worth the price of admission. This is an entertaining movie for adults. Several F-bombs along with multiple shootings and a graphic stabbing make it questionable material for the 16-and-under crowd.

I had fun. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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