Movie Review: Now You See Me *****

movie now you see me

Now You See Me is a heist movie with all the thefts being done by 4 magicians, known as the 4 Horsemen. They perform the thefts live while on stage–but it’s a magic show, right? What you think you see is not always what is actually happening. The local police, FBI, and INTERPOL get involved when the magicians rob a bank in France from Las Vegas (unbelievable and very cool). Then they dispense all of the money to the people in the audience. There is a debunker who makes himself available to the police. He helps them try to figure out how the illusions were done. Together they keep getting closer to the magician thieves. After the first robbery, the police know what will be stolen, when it will be stolen, and by whom, but have to figure out why and how, because the 4 Horsemen are all in plain view on stage while the money exchanges hands. A further mystery, is to find the mastermind and the motive for the crimes.

The 4 Horseman consist of a guy who does card tricks, a girl escape artist, a mentalist/hypnotist, and a street hustling magician. They are brought together by a mystery character they have not met. After each theft, the debunker, who is a former illusionist, recreates the crimes and describes to the authorities all the planning, execution, and illusion that is involved in pulling off the jobs in front of a live audience–including the police. The mystery builds to a final grand heist, an attempted escape, and a resolution.

The illusions were fabulous, the heists were ingenious, the acting was outstanding, and the story was very good. No cussing and no killing, and the movie was still full of action and mystery. I loved it. 5 out of 5 stars.  The movie is a lot like the Oceans 11 series. If you liked any of those movies, you will like “Now You See Me”


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