Movie Review: The Hangover III


movie hangover iii


The Hangover III is supposed to be the final chapter in the Hangover series. The same characters from “the wolfpack” are off on a new adventure. This time, there is no bachelor party, no hangover, and no lost time that needs to be reconstructed. Instead there is an intervention, a road trip, a kidnapping, a treasure hunt, and a life-or-death adventure for 3 friends and their tag-along misfit buddy. The story is good. The soundtrack is excellent. Scenes contain adult humor, drug use, crude language, animal cruelty, killing, and many references to the previous Hangover movies.

This edition could probably stand on its own, but the punch lines will be much clearer if episodes I & II have already been viewed. “Chow” is back and shares the main character role with his new best friend “Alan”. Chow has stolen millions of dollars in gold bars and the wolfpack is forced to find him and the treasure or face dire consequences. The search leads them to Las Vegas where they all have bad memories from their first Hangover.

This movie was more of a drama than a comedy. The story flowed, was well told, and easy to follow. The humor was accidental and infrequent. Those who expect a fall down funny movie will be extremely disappointed. Those who want to see misfits take on a monumental challenge will be entertained.

The credits begin to roll and there is additional footage which leads us to believe that there will be at least one more Hangover in the near future. This added segment is the best part of Hangover III and is absolutely worth the price of admission.  The weakest movie of the trilogy, but still worth a look–best to view on cheap movie night or when out with the guys. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

We can still see a new release movie at Premiere Theater in Hillsdale for just $7.25. We go as often as we can.

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  1. Maybe it would have worked if everybody here didn’t seem like they were just doing it for a paycheck, and leaving it at that. Maybe. Good review Mike.

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