Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

movie the great gastby

In The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway is a struggling young stockbroker in a New York asylum during the 1920’s. He tells his analyst a story about the neighbor who befriended him. His news friend is a mysterious wealthy young man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby has riches beyond belief, a past filled with rumor and innuendo, influential friends in government and business, and throws lavish parties that he doesn’t attend. These weekly events are frequented by hundreds of uninvited guests with a motive we do not discover until the end. For some reason, he takes a liking to Nick and includes him on many extravagant experiences. Everyone is in love with somebody else, and most everyone is unhappy with their life. Plans are made and secrets are kept. The past is past and what’s done is done. The movie is full of deceit and overindulgence, wealth and despair, dreams and ambitions, plus an inescapable past and everlasting love.

I didn’t care for Tobey Maguire’s ‘Nick’ in the first few minutes, but he grew on me quickly and became a very good character. Leonardo DiCaprio was an exceptional ‘Jay Gatsby’.  He was believable as a rich and powerful aristocrat. He reminded me of a young version of “the most interesting man in the world”. There is a possibility for an Academy Award nomination to DiCaprio for this performance. I remember not appreciating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book back in high school. I remember not being impressed by the Robert Redford movie. I loved this rendition of ‘The Great Gatsby’. The story is interesting and was well told, the acting was superb, and the modern soundtrack worked. 5 out of 5 stars.

At Premiere Theater in Hillsdale Michigan, we can still see a first run movie on a Saturday night for just $7.25. For that, I am grateful and am happy to patronize this local movie venue.
movie tricket great gatsby

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  1. Everybody here seems to be on the right page with what to do, but the style just overtakes everything they want to do. Nice review Mike.

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