Words With Friends High Score

I have been playing Words With Friends (WWF) on my cell phone for a couple of years. I also play Word Feud and Scrabble. WWF is my favorite. I like where the Double Word and Triple Word Scores are placed, and I like where the Double Letter and Triple Letter Scores are located. I also like the value of the tiles. Between the 3 apps, I am usually playing 20-30 games at a time. Generally, I make 2-4 plays per day on each game and have finished over a thousand games–winning more often than I lose. My little joke is that the first one to 350 wins, and scoring at least 300 points in a losing effort is respectable.

Occasionally, the tile gods are on my side and I play 2 directional words that lead to single play scores of over 100 points. My personal best is 140 points. Occasionally I play all 7 tiles in my rack and collect the bonus. I often score over 400 points, sometimes score over 500 points, and one time have scored over 600 points. In this game I also achieved my highest margin of victory at 349. I have squeaked out many games with a single digit margin of victory and have ended a few games at a tie score. I once won on the final play when trailing by 50 points. Word games are fun and I enjoy playing them.

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