Vacation to Seoul South Korea – Day 2

Our hotel room has radiant heat from the floor. We cannot find a thermostat. Our room is at a constant temperature near 80 degrees–so we sleep with the window cracked open.  The jet lag is going away. Spent a half a day in Seoul, came home, took a nap, had a pleasant evening, then off to bed. Chris gave us another valuable tip today: Always keep enough toilet paper in your pocket–just in case.

The bus ride to downtown Seoul was supposed to take 60 minutes–it took 90. Even though the bus lane passed standstill automobiles by the hundreds, it was still a long bus ride to the business district. They dropped us off in Myeong Dong. It looks a lot like China Town in any major city. We saw lots of people braving the near zero temperatures and lots of stores not much bigger than an American walk-in closet. There were also large department stores, big name outlets, multi level malls, and scores of places to eat.

We chose to eat at a place specializing in bibam bap–it is Chris’ favorite Korean food. We were immediately served a cup of corn tea, followed by a bowl of spicy soup–the main ingredients were soy bean sprouts and fish broth. It was wonderful on a cold day. Several condiment bowls arrived–one of them was kimchi–then a super hot small cauldron filled with a variety of vegetables and pork. It is customary to stir these ingredients, add the condiments, and eat it with a spoon. No chopsticks required! I am having a hard time with metal chop sticks, so this was a meal that was consumed quickly. Lori took her time and used the chopsticks. The bowl stayed super hot throughout the meal. Just stir the food and it got hotter, but not to the point of searing or burning. Total cost for 3 people, about $20

We attempted to cross a very busy street by using what we thought was an underground walkway–it was an underground shopping center! It seemed to run for blocks. All of the store-fronts were occupied and open for business. We snacked on some incredible ice cream and an awesome waffle from a street vendor.

We bought a metro pass that works on busses and the subway. We chose to take the subway home and made record time despite having to change lines twice.  As we moved away from Seoul, the subway became an elevated railway and we were able to take in the view on a sunny winter day.

As we neared our hotel we encountered some policemen escorting some businessmen suffering from “soju madness” in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday. They had too much to drink and were stumbling down the street in their suits and leather shoes. The officers escorted them off of the main road, then left them to fend for themselves on a side street.

We ordered pizza for dinner. Chris ordered one of his favorites–“potato gold pizza”–thin potato wedges with tomato sauce, mushrooms, corn, sweet potatoes, bacon, and cheese. It was freaking awesome! The pizza came with a side of spaghetti. The spaghetti had peppers and corn in it and was a wonderful surprise. Total cost for dinner for 3, about $20.

We played 3-hand pinochle with a three card blind. Chris finished the night by bidding out of his mind. He was 2 cards short of having a double run, double pinochle, and double Jacks around. He didn’t get it all, but still made his bid in a losing effort.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time already.
    That potato pizza sounds out of this world.
    You all look great. Please tell Lori she looks really, really good.
    Hope the rest of your trip is this much fun.

    Take Care

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