Wisconsin quiz, comments, culture, and colloquialisms

There are many things that people from Wisconsin know or have experienced. There are things people say in Wisconsin, things that are original to Wisconsin, along with people, places, and things people from Wisconsin are familiar with. If you’re new to Wisconsin, you may only recognize a few of these observations that are second nature to folks who have lived there a few years or all of their lives. This list of Wisconsin terminology is in no particular order.You may have spent some time in Wisconsin if…You know which beer made Milwaukee famous.You know where to find the nearest bubbler and what it’s for.You know it is tradition for the bride and groom to go bar hopping between the ceremony and the reception.

You are able to sing all the ‘guy (or girl) parts’ when they play “Paradise By the Dashboard Lights” at the wedding.

You know what “knee-high by the Fourth of July” means.

Somebody in your family plays the accordian.

You know who the BoDeans are and what they do.

You know who’s headlining at Summerfest.

You can recognize someone from Chicago by the way they drive.

You know what FIBs and FOPs are.

Your favorite flavor of ice cream is “Blue Moon” and you can’t describe what it tastes like.

You know why you have to stand back about 20 feet during the fish boil.

You’ve seen a play at ‘The Fireside’.

You can get an “old fashioned” at any bar, preferably sweet, with brandy.

You know what ‘sheepshead’ is and can count the points.

You play Euchre during lunch hour and know what the “left bauer” is.

You’ve bought Christmas presents at Farm  & Fleet or Fleet Farm.  

You’ve taken a break at the wayside.

You had a good time losing money to the Bad River, Ho Chunk, Oneida, and Potawatomi Indians.

You know exactly where Door County is.

You can pronounce Shawano, Oconomowoc, Chequamegon, and Gillett.

You know why Oshkosh has the busiest airport in the world for one week every summer.

You have no qualms about going to a reception and eating a sandwich made with rye bread, raw onion, and raw hamburger.

You go to the Tyme Machine to get cash.

You have spent many summer vacations in the Dells.

You or a family member wrecked the car, and the deer ran away, unharmed. 

You or someone you know was a ‘Dairy Princess’.

You think Mader’s and Karl Ratzsch’s are the best restaurants in the whole world.

You go out for custard on a hot summer night.

You go out to dinner every Friday night and order the same thing–fish fry.

You rode a duck.

You know that the worst fire in North American History was not in Chicago or San Francisco–it was in Peshtigo.

You think Lutheran and Catholic are the only religions. 

You check the Football, Deer Hunting, & Fishing schedules before wedding dates are set.  

You know when the “beer frame” is and who has to buy.

You’ve shook hands with Harvey Moy.

You know who Billy Mitchell was and what’s named after him.

You know at least one kid in your class who had to do chores before going to school.  

You know who Ernie Von Schledorn is, what he does, where he does it, and can recite his slogan.

You know all the words to “varsity”.

You have driven a car on a lake.

You’ve been to the House on the Rock, Cave of the Mounds, and Holy Hill.

You remember Lew Alcindor, Jim Gantner, Al McQuire, Chester Marcol, and Ron Dayne (if you’re old enough).

You remember Bob Barry and David Haines on WOKY, “the Mighty 92” (if you’re old enough).

You still put stuff on layaway.

You ‘unthaw’ frozen stuff. 

Your idea of snacks include cheese curds, pork rinds, and pretzels with mustard.

You have purchased most of your household items from Crazy TV Lenny.

You get deals on an enormous selection of groceries at the biggest grocery store in the world–Woodman’s.

You are known to be a good dancer if you can do the Polka, the Chicken Dance, and the Macarena.  

You know about the Hodag Festival.

You say the words ‘jewlery’ and ‘realator’ and nobody corrects you.

You know where to get smelt and what to do with them.

Your terminology when giving directions includes “stop ‘n’ go light”, “four way stop”, and “go by”.

You know when to say “cripes”, “an so”, “criminy”, and “aynahey”.

You enjoy brats with kraut.

You know what and where the Birkebeiner is.

You go to the gas station or the liquor store to get live bait.

Your outfit for the day includes choices in blaze orange, green and gold, or red and white.

Your kitchen doubles as a meat processing plant at least twice a year.

Your mom asks, ‘Were you born in a barn?’ and you know exactly what she means.  

You think that the start of deer season is a national holiday.  

You are served beer at a church festival.

You’ve been to Horicon Marsh during migration season.

You’re proud that your Trek Bicycle and Harley-Davidson Motorcycle are both locally made.

Your back yard gets lit up by lightning bugs.

You’ve been to the car show in Iola.

You go out to eat at a Supper Club.

Every lake you’ve been to has a bar that serves great food.

You have a ‘grasshopper’ after dinner.

You know where the Hmongs came from.

You become unavailable for at least 3 hours whenever “the Pack” is on.

You wear Packer gear during Spring and Summer, too.

You can identify the song that is played after every Packer score.

Your daughter, your wife, your mom, and your grandma regularly wears Packer gear, too.

You’ve been to Culver’s, Rocky Rococo, George Webb, and Country Kitchen.

You’ve cooked your own steak at the Prime Quarter.

You know why there are 2 clocks side by each at George Webb.

You’ve bought groceries at Sentry, Kohl’s, Copps, Cub, Pick’n Save, Super Value, Red Owl, IGA, Woodman’s, and Piggly Wiggly.

Your buddy says “XYZ” and you know what to do.

You know where the Davenport is.

You know that a “rubber” and your “rubbers” go on different things.

You know that pop is the term for a sweet carbonated beverage.  

You know most of this stuff and test the knowledge of all your Wisconsin friends.

Yessirie-Bob, yer from Wisconsin and proud. Aynahey?

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