Crystal Bowersox vs. Lee DeWyze American Idol Finals 2010


The finals American Idol started off rocky for Crystal Bowersox. In the opening segment, her microphone was knocked out of her hand and fell to the floor as she walked down the aisle through a crowd of fans reaching out to touch her.  Lee DeWyze had his microphone safely tucked in his front pocket. Crystal was escorted back into the crowd and was waiting direction from a director/body-guard when the camera focused on her in a state of confusion.

Ryan Seacrest welcomed Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze for the final night of competition and explained that they would each sing three songs. One from a past performance of this season, one chosen by executive producer Simon Fuller, and one that will be released as a single if they win.

Lee DeWyze chose “The Boxer” from Inspirational songs week and played acoustic guitar while performing. It was a solid performance, but lacked excitement or conviction on this, the final night of competition. Next, Simon Fuller had him sing R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”. The song fit his style very well and he performed it very well.  Finally, his American Idol song was U2’s “Beautiful Day”. I immediately thought, “what’s up with that?” For the first time, an American Idol’s debut song will not be an original song if Lee wins. The judges agreed that he has a very commercial voice and did not have a great final night of the contest.

Crystal Bowersox started off with “Me and Bobby Magee” from Billboard #1’s week. She wailed in Bowersox style and gave a great rendition of the classic Janis Joplin song. Simon Fuller had her sing “Black Velvet”. She wore a silky dress, left her guitar backstage, and nailed it. However, I thought she was uncomfortable with the dressed-up look and had trouble navigating the stairs in high heels. Finally, she performed an original song titled “Up to the Mountain”. The judges all agreed that she saved her best performance for last and gave her high praises. personally, I thought it was an awful song sung really, really well. I couldn’t find the melody and will never be able to sing along with it on the radio, but it was O.K. to just listen to.

The competition is over, but who will win? Based only on the night’s performance, Crystal should win–hands down. However, this is American Idol, and the winner isn’t necessarily going to be the best singer. Both have personality issues. They are not as open and forward and polished as we would like them to be.  Lee is good-looking, has a mainstream style, is relevent to what is popular in music, has grown the most over this entire season, and is very popular on the internet. However, he peaked last week instead of this week, and this week was only good, not great. On the other hand, Crystal has a very certain style which may or may not transcend into popular music. There has been little doubt that she consistently sang the most songs great and that she has an incredible vocal range. However, she was great from the beginning which set her bar a little higher than the others in the competition. Arguably, she has improved the least, because she was so good from day 1. She did have a very good night on the last night of competition–which falls heavily in her favor.  I think the judges would unanimously name Crystal Bowersox as the new American Idol after this week’s performance. However, the American public has to support their favorite by phoning in to vote. Anything can happen, but based on this week’s performance, Crystal Bowersox should be our new American Idol.

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