Crystal Bowersox Hometown Hero Week on American Idol


With only three contestants left in the 2010 American Idol competition, each singer got to sing two songs. The first was any song of their choice, and the second was a song chosen by the judges. The Idols went home for a Hometown Hero Welcome where they received a text message on their ATT cell phone telling them which song the judges picked for them to perform.

Casey James picked an unknown song, “O.K., It’s Alright with Me” and accompanied himself on acoustic guitar. The song was a safe and easy choice that displayed no vocal range at this point in the competition. The judges agreed that it was a poor song choice that was done well, but there was nothing he could have done with this unknown song to make it his own, because virtually no one had heard it before.

Crystal Bowersox selected “Come to My Window” while playing acoustic guitar and harmonica. The climax of the tune had her wailing in that bluesy voice we are so accustomed to. The judges agreed it was a good vocal and a good song choice, but did not blow them away.

Lee DeWyze chose “Simple Man” and stole the early part of the show by making an excellent song choice while playing acoustic guitar and giving an edgy vocal performance. The judges agreed that he connected with the song (and the audience) and was peaking at just the right time.

Randy Jackson and Cara DioGuardi chose John Mayer’s “Daughter” for Casey to sing. He showcased more of his electric guitar playing ability. The judges wanted him to display more of his artistic, sensitive, and vulnerable side. He just did alright.

Ellen Degeneres picked “Maybe I’m Amazed” for Crystal. She came out without an instrument and did a great job displaying her vocal range. Her voice displayed a tenderness and sweetness that we had not heard much of before. The judges agreed that she was “in it to win it”.

Simon Cowell had Lee sing “Hallelujah”. It was a great vocal and a stunning performance with acoustic guitar.

It is almost obvious that Crystal and Lee will be in the final next week. Casey just did not bring enough to the table to continue in the competition any longer. Crystal has been a strong performer since day one. She already knows who she is as an artist and has been perfecting her persona all year.  Lee has grown in leaps and bounds and has shown the most improvement all season long. The question is:  will Crystal become the next American Idol because she has been very good since the beginning, or will Lee become the next American Idol because he has the most momentum going into the final week, or will it be shocking when Casey becomes the next American Idol because he is a very good musician who is also very good-looking. The American voters will decide…

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