Crystal Bowersox Songs from the Movies on American Idol

Top 4

This week on American Idol, the 4 remaining contestants sang Songs from the Cinema and had Jamie Foxx as their mentor.  With only 34 movie songs to pick from, this was a very interesting night. Each contestant needed to pick a good song, make it their own, and sing it big. Then they got to sing a second song as a duet with another contestant.

Lee DeWyze did a karaoke version of “Kiss from a Rose” while strumming his acoustic guitar. He did nothing to make it his own. His falsetto was off and he made lots of sour notes. I was not impressed.

Michael Lynche chose Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There”. He had pitch issues and did not make it his own. It was a safe choice but he did not shine.

Lee DeWyze came back with Crystal Bowersox and did a duet of “Falling Slowly” while playing simultaneous acoustic guitars. They interacted and harmonized very well and combined for an awesome version of a song that is not too familiar. The judges agreed it was fantastic.

Casey James chose Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” and accompanied himself with a mandolin. He changed it up, made it his own, and made it cool.  The judges didn’t like it–but they were wrong.  He did a great job.

Crystal Bowersox picked “I’m Alright” from “Caddyshack”. An unusual choice for a girl who sings in a bluesy fashion. She took a pop song, turned it on it’s edge and belted out a Crystal version of a classic Kenny Loggins song. Easily the best solo performance of the night.

Casey and Michael did a dual acoustic version of “Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman”.  Excellent guitar playing and harmonizing. The solo portions were a little off, but the harmonizing was incredible.

The consensus of the judges was that the duets proved that all four contestants were excellent performers.  However, this is a solo competition. Crystal and Casey had the best individual songs which leaves Lee and Michael as the bottom 2 this week.


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