Aaron Kelly Eliminated from American Idol

TV American Idol

The music of Frank Sinatra mentored by Harry Connick, Jr., was the theme this week on American Idol. The 5 remaining contestants had trouble excelling in this genre. For this performance, only Lee DeWyze appeared to be safe.

The show started with a Sinatra Medley performed by the Idols, followed by the “1,2,3,4” Ford video, followed by a Harry Connick medley.

Crystal Bowersox and Casey James were put on one side of the stage and Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly on the other side.  Lee DeWyze was left and was asked which group of 2 were in the bottom for this week’s votes. After refusing to comment, Lee was told that he was safe as were Crystal and Casey–Michael and Aaron received the fewest votes this week.

Lady Gaga and Harry Connick, Jr. performed live before it was announced that Aaron was out of the competition.  He sang “Fly Me to the Moon” as his swan song and left the stage with no regrets and much experience.

Next week we will hear songs from the movies.


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