Crystal Bowersox Frank Sinatra Night on American Idol


With five contestants left on American Idol, this week’s theme was the songs of Frank Sinatra.  It was time for the idols to perform standards from the songbook of the greatest crooner of all time. One did great, four did alright. The American voters will make a tough choice to decide which of these performers will go home and who will remain.  At this point in the competition, it is not always about how this week’s performance went, but how far previous performances can carry you.

Harry Connick Jr. mentored the idols, arranged their music, and played live for this week’s competition.  Aaron Kelly hit all the high and low notes on “Fly Me to the Moon”. The judges said that his clean vocal lacked conviction.  I thought he did alright.  Casey James, sans guitar, did a sexy version of “Blue Skies”.  I thought he did alright, the judges hated it. Michael Lynche was praised for his rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight”. He went from tender to loud and I thought he was just alright. The judges liked it.

Crystal Bowersox performed “Summer Wind” from the Sinatra collection. Her version was sweet, though a bit sleepy. She displayed power and tenderness while staying true to herself. The judges thought she did alright, as did I.

Lee DeWyze was the highlight of the night singing “That’s Life”. He did a believable, heart-felt version of a classic song with a rock twist. Everyone agreed that this was the best performance of the night.

On this night, after this performance, only Lee DeWyze is safe. It is going to be hard to figure out who could get the fewest votes and be sent home this week. So many votes are based on past performances, physical appearance, and judges comments.


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