Crystal Bowersox Shania Twain Week American Idol


Shania Twain mentored the remaining 6 American Idol contestants while they performed tunes from her songbook.  All sang country pop songs and put their own spin on them. The guys significantly outperformed the girls. Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus were two of the favorites to win the competition, but the two remaining girls were not great this week.

Lee DeWyze opened with “You’re Still the One”. It was the perfect song for his style. His raspy rendition along with his acoustic guitar accompaniment made this a very good opening act. Casey James sang “Don’t” and didn’t rely on his guitar playing for a change. He was able to display his vocal range and easily had his best performance of the competition.  Michael Lynche did an emotional version of “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”. His sweet falsetto was impressive.  Aaron Kelly did “You Got a Way” and showcased his vocal range with sincere feeling and sweetness.  All of the guys were very good to great.

Siobhan Magnus did “Any Man of Mine” and impressed the judges.   From my seat, I thought that her movement into the crowd disrupted her voice until it was shaky and out of tune plus I thought she was out of breath for most of the song.  It was a good song choice for her, but her live performance was full of faults.

Crystal Bowersox did “No One Needs to Know”. She showed her powerful voice and displayed great harmonies with her backup singers, but it was a forgettable song. It was one of two country western songs that actually sounded country, but the choice was not well received by the judges or the audience.  Only her previous record of great renditions can keep her from being in the bottom 3.

I thought that this was sure to be a year where girls would dominate–and they did early on–but with only 2 females left and both of them having sub-par nights versus 4 remaining guys that were hot, I will be surprised if 2 girls are still in the contest tomorrow.  However, many Americans vote based on past performances, and if that happens one of the guys could be gone.  From where I sit, based only on this week’s performance, the bottom 3 are Michael, Crystal and Siobhan.

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