Crystal Bowersox Inspirational Songs American Idol


With 7 contestants left on American Idol and Alicia Keys mentoring them for Inspirational Songs week, I had high hopes for the remaining group. I was sadly disappointed as 6 of the 7 were just alright to bad with only one great performance–from Crystal Bowersox. Combining poor song choices with poor arrangements and uninspirational renditions made for a tough night.  Almost anybody could go home this week.

Casey James is comfortable on stage and is a great guitar player. His version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” held no emotion and was uninspirational. His superficial attempt at a lazy song choice showcased his guitar skills, but he only impressed me as being a good bar room singer.

Tim Urban did Goo Goo Dolls “Better Days”. I thought he was off-key throughout, exhibited no vocal range and executed a good song rather poorly.  Michael Lynche showcased his range singing “Hero”, but the judges said it was a questionable choice and didn’t like it.

Lee DeWyze did Simon & Garfunkle’s “The Boxer” and was praised for his genuine rendition. They unanimously liked it, but I thought it exhibited no vocal range and was just an alright version of a classic song. Aaron Kelly did R. Kelly’s “I believe I Can Fly” and did little to change it up from the original. However, he has pure vocal talent and a big voice for such a young man. Despite this, the judges were not impressed.  Siobhan Magnus took a Whitney Houston/Mariah Carrey song, “When You Believe” and defended her song choice when the judges accused her of being too dramatic and picking a diva song. She did a pretty rendition and showcased her vocal range but failed to impress the judges.

Crystal Bowersox ended the show with “People Get Ready”. She began on stage without an instrument and sang the intro a capella. She had a sensational vocal that emitted power, truth, and inspiration. This gospel blues rendition was a step away from her regular style and was absolutely fantastic. It was easily the best and most powerful performance of a night of inspirational songs and ended with Crystal getting emotional on the final lyric. She is the only performer that should rest easy until the elimination is announced.

Based solely on this performance, Casey and Tim are in the most trouble. However, they both have past performances, good looks, and charm on their side. Lee, Aaron, Siobhan, and Michael are not safe by any means, but Crystal should be. My best guess for the bottom three are Tim, Siobhan, and Michael with Tim having the poorest performance and should gather the fewest votes.  We shall see in the upcoming 2 hour star-studded special elimination program that will benefit charity with the theme “Idol Gives Back”…




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