American Idol Results Beatles Week

American Idol

Nine American Idol contestants were judged on their song choice and performance of music from Lennon and McCartney which includes the Beatles catalog.  All contestants did “well” to “great”.  No one did bad, but someone would have to receive the fewest votes.

First, the judges brought out the three remaining girls.  Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, and Katie Stevens stood in the center of the stage to await their fate.  Host, Ryan Seacrest, asked the judges which of these girls should potentially go home.  They unanimously replied, none of them.  They were right.  All three girls were relieved of the suspense that would decide who got to sing again next week.

Jason Derulo, David Archuletta, and Rihanna all performed live.  All sang their hit songs and sang them well.

Then, the six remaining guys were separated into 2 groups of 3.  Lee DeWyze, Casey James, and Tim Urban were in one group. Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia were in the other.  It was said that one of these groups of 3 received the fewest votes.  The audience was abuzz as, arguably, the worst performer, Tim,  was in the group with who were, arguably, the front-runners.  It was announced that this group was safe, which put the pressure on the other group of guys.

Aaron was sent to safety, leaving Michael and Andrew to wait to see who would be going home.  Shockingly, it was announced that Michael Lynche got the fewest votes.  He had an opportunity to sing and be saved for one more week of competition.  He sang well and the judges decided to keep him around.  They used the “Save” option–which can only be used once–to keep Michael in the contest for at least one more week.  The bad news is that on the next show, 2 contestants will be voted out and the Save can not be used again.

Big Mike

I think the judges wasted the Save.  Michael is a good singer, but falls into the Reuben Studdard/Fantasia Berino/Taylor Hicks category–he is a very good singer, but a mass audience will not buy the style of music he sings. They would have been better to save it for a fluke vote that might vote out Crystal, Casey, Siobhan, or Lee.  Next week, last year’s American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, will be the guest mentor.  I have a feeling that a front-runner may end up in the bottom 2 and will be done with this year’s competition.


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