Crystal Bowersox American Idol Lennon & McCartney Week Top 9


The top 9 contestants got to choose any Lennon and McCartney song to perform this week on American Idol–which is basically the entire Beatles collection. It was a total surprise that no one failed.

Katie Stevens and Tim Urban were in the bottom three last week.  Katie totally surprised me with a fantastic version of “Let It Be”.  She picked a good song, made it her own, and delivered it with power and conviction for a change. Tim played guitar and sang a pop version of “All My Loving”.  It was well-played and it showcased his singing voice.  The judges think he is some sort of anomaly and put him in his own category that makes him somewhat of a heart-throb who also sings.  They don’t like him, but they gave him props.

Michael Lynche performed a chance-taking song with an electric orchestra version of “Eleanor Rigby”. He knocked it out. Lee DeWyze definitely intended to do a live sing-along rendition of “Hey Jude” and performed it well.  Aaron Kelly did “The Long and Winding Road” which turned into a sleepy slow song sung sweetly. His youth should keep the younger crowd voting for him. Andrew Garcia got upbeat for a change and sang a pop version of “Can’t Buy Me Love”. He sang it and played his guitar well, but the judges didn’t like it.

After a horrendous performance last week, Siobhan Magnus is back in the hunt for the grand prize with a controlled, pretty, and subdued version of “Across the Universe”. She is one of few Idol contestants, ever, who can consistently hit the low notes as well as the high notes.  I was totally impressed and think she is back in queue for the final 3. She is the one who will surprise us every week with her look, her choice of songs, and her rendition in her own unique style.

Casey James is so-o-o-o good. He took an unfamiliar John Lennon song, “Jealous Man”, and sang it well, played it well, and showcased incredible sensitivity. He is easily the front-runner for the guys.  He is so comfortable on stage, has total command of his guitar, and sings effortlessly.  Win or lose, we will be seeing a lot of Casey James in the future.

Crystal Bowersox had another fantastic performance with “Come Together”.  She made it cool, modern, and relevant.  It was easy to tell she was having fun and had another top-notch week.  She is still my early pick to win the competition, but she is already good and has less room to improve musically, she does have room to explode with more personality.  Other contestants can make huge strides by increasing their confidence each week and could be seen as showing the most improvement while Crystal is already near the top of her game.

With no painful performances this week, it will be hard to let any contestant go, because they were all solid.  Based solely on this week’s performance, Lee, Andrew, and Tim were the weakest, while still being pretty good.  The difference will be shown by all the fans who unsuccessfully voted for Didi last week.  Those are the voters that these contestants need to appeal to, as everyone already has a nice voter base that is consistent each week. To get more votes, they need to appeal to the people who’s favorite is most recently gone.

It is hard to guarantee anyone a safe net with so many good performances in one week.  I will be surprised if anyone besides these three got fewer votes.  If anyone did, and end up singing for their life, this could be the week where the judges use their one time save.

Randy Jackson is still brutally honest and keys on singing ability.  Ellen Degeneres has become less distracting.  Kara DioGuardi gives the best musical and performance advice. Simon Cowell knows marketing, and definitely does not always hear what I hear.

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