American Idol Results-Usher-Blues R&B Week

The 10 remaining contests on American Idol sang songs from the Blues and R&B charts.  6 of them were relatively safe. 4 were in trouble.  None was more worried than one of the favorite girls, Siobahn Magnus.  She picked the wrong song, sang it badly, and had to wait 24 hours for her fate to be revealed.  Meanwhile, Rueben Studdard, Usher, and Diddy performed their recently released songs.

During the review of the first 5 contests, it was announced that either Siobahn or Katie Stevens would be in the bottom three.  Everyone assumed it was going to be Siobhan. Everyone was wrong, and Katie was sent to await her fate.  Didi Benami was the next to be in the group with the fewest votes.  It came down to Katie or Didi.  Katie got the fewest votes and got one last chance to sing. She chose to sing “Rhiannon” from a few weeks ago and did not impress the judges enough to grant her the 2nd chance save.

We’re down to 9 singers competing to become the next American Idol. Siobhan has to get back to the top notch performer she was in previous weeks or she will be near the bottom again. Katie needs to find a song that she can make her own and stop doing excellent Karaoke. Tim Urban needs to continue being cute, but needs to mature in his performance.

Right now, the top three singers with the most momentum are Crystal Bowersox,  Lee Dewyze, and Casey James.  Crystal is the overall favorite and has been the most consistant. Lee has made the most progress, but still needs to develop some personality.  Casey James was made to be on stage. He may not be the best singer, but he may be the most comfortable and reliable  performer of all.

Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia should be around for several more weeks, but they still need to pick good songs, make them current, and perform them well, or they could slip near the bottom.

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