American Idol Results Rolling Stones Week

american idol 2010 top 12

12 American Idol contestants became 11 tonight.  But first, we got to hear David Cook, Orianthe, and Ke$ha.  By the end of the night, Tim Urban, Lacey Brown, and Paige Miles had the least number of votes and were in danger of being out of the competition.  The “save” option was discussed where the judges could prevent any contestant from leaving the show if they unanimously agreed to use the save.  This option is available until the week of the “final 5” and can only be used once.  When asked if they would use the save tonight, the judges said they would for one of the contestants.  Tim was sent to safety and it was announced that Lacey had received the fewest votes.  She got to sing one last song while the judges deliberated her fate.  They decided to save the save for a later date and Lacey was sent home.

Lacey did not have the worst performance of the week, but she did get the fewest votes.  No one is ever safe from the voting pattern of the people.  It is always important to vote for your favorite rather than to vote to keep an underperformer to remain on the show.  The “sure thing” performer occasionally doesn’t get enough votes to stay in the race.

Every American Idol contestant has their fair share of fans who vote for them every week, regardless of the quality of their latest performance. Everyone now need to appeal to the callers who voted for the most recent person to leave the program–they have the most available new votes.  Next week’s vote will decide which 10 contestants will go on the Summer tour.  This will be a very important performance week for all of the contestants.

Early picks for the top three (from me) are Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus, and Aaron Kelly.  The girls appear to have better talent than the boys this year.  Only time will tell…

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