Leasing a New Truck

The lease on my 2007 Dodge Dakota has expired. This is the 2nd vehicle I have leased through Chrysler Financial and I have been happy. My truck has the crew cab, bed liner, keyless entry, air conditioning, and satellite radio, plus power windows and seats. I rarely leave the county, so the 10,500 miles per year mileage allowance is easy. The payment I have made for the past 27 months has been a sweet deal.

Now that I am in the market for another vehicle, there’s just too much to do. I hate the process of getting a new vehicle.  Talking to a car salesman is my least favorite conversation in life.  The vehicle’s style and color is irrelevant to me. The power train, engine size, turning radius is also of no interest to me. I have never raised the hood on my truck and don’t really care about anything but a vehicle’s usefulness in my lifestyle and the ability to go places comfortably.  All I really need to do is list the options I’d like, the rest should be short and sweet and simple.

Car shopping is such a chore for me.  I’ve been watching the ads and trying to read the fine print but have found that the hook is there but everything changes once you enter the dealership.  The price in the paper does not include tax, license, or dealer prep.  but it does include loyalty discount, military discount, employee discount, friends and family, and special dealer incentives.  By the time the final price is determined, it’s not even close to the price in the paper. Less than one percent of the population qualifies for half of the discounts, so they totally take advantage of regular guys. 

What I would like, is to pre-register my credit and vehicle choice walk in, sign the papers, write a reasonable check, and drive away knowing exactly what I got and what my monthly payment will be. Sounds easy, but the salesman always want to continue selling long after I’ve decided to buy, and they want to explain the unexplainable about why I don’t qualify for any discounts offered in the ad.

I wonder if it’s possible to have car lots that operate like department stores. You walk in, find what you like, sit in it, play with the dashboard, drive it to the check-out counter, and take it home. They wouldn’t have to pay a salesman and could get virtually anyone to operate the cash register.  All they’d have to do is offer vehicles at fair prices that do not reflect a salesman’s commission. That would be too affordable and too easy.

I run a bed and breakfast in Michigan.  I do not need a heavy duty truck for daily use.  I just want a truck that gets me around comfortably and can sometimes transport heavy or bulky things.

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