Dodgeball is an Adult Game

Set up for Dodgeball

Dodgeball is no longer a kids game played during gym class in junior high with the jocks annihilating the nerds. It is an adult game played for fun in leagues across America.  I’ve seen the movie with Ben Stiller, a lot of it is true. There are players out for blood, trying to physically hurt the members of the other team. It is not just a game but a contest to decide who will be the last man standing.  The good news is that no matter how hard a ball is thrown, even a direct hit to the face does more stinging that physical damage.

Our local league is played at the middle school in Hillsdale and pits teams of 8 against each other on a basketball court.  It is a best of 7 series. A game typically lasts only a few minutes. A set goes for about 20 minutes. It starts out with members of each team lining up on the base line and charging to center court on a whistle signal to pick up as many of 8 balls as possible to be thrown at the other team. But first, each team must retreat behind the free throw line before attempting to hit an opponent.


Some teams have strategy, but most teams do not. The strategists will target the person deemed as a better player and whip several balls at him in a coördinated barrage, assuming that this player cannot dodge them all.  If that player gets hit by an airborne ball, he’s out. If the ball is caught before it hits the ground, the hurler is out and the catching team gets to add a player.  This play continues until one team is out of players.  Teamwork will win more games than individual play.

Dodgeball is an adult game

Players are allowed to cross half court to enter about three quarters of the way into the total game space. Going out of bounds is the same as being hit, and that player is illiminated.  The game is not just about dodging a thrown ball.  It took me several games to figure out that catching a ball is more advantageous than dodging it. When a team is behind in the number of players on the court, it is better to catch than to throw or dodge.  When a team is ahead in the number of players it is better to pick out an individual and bull rush him until he is tagged.

dodgeball for adults

Dodgeball is more of a workout than previously thought. There are a lot short bursts of speed that are necessary to obtain or avoid projectiles. Lateral movement is also very important, and can disrupt  the opponents’ timing and aim.  At the end of the night, not only will throwing arms be sore, but also thigh muscles will be burning. Dodgeball is an intense  energetic cardiovascular workout–much more than I had expected on my first night. I spend many nights at the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, waiting for guests to arrive, but on Thursdays, I have other plans.  Dodgeball is not a game just for kids. Adults enjoy it, too.

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