Kevin Skinner Wins Las Vegas Contract on America’s Got Talent 2009 Finale

kevin skinner

Based solely on his last performance, I didn’t think Kevin Skinner had a chance to win the million dollar Las Vegas contract on America’s Got Talent. He picked the wrong song and sang it badly–and the judges agreed. However, he has a great story and had sung flawlessly in previous performances. Apparently, Americans are forgiving and awarded him the grand prize regardless of his last performance. Good for you Kevin, but stick with what you do best when you get to Vegas.

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  1. Kevin was the one to win. It’s a cinderella story and a wonderful one. He is kind and wholesome and sweet and a better voice than a lot of country singers, he deserved this, he is Vegas, Opera IS NOT! The Opera world will pick her up and she will have a great career.

  2. a MILLION right!!!!! more like $25,000 annuity over HOW MANY years????……..
    GIVE THE GUY A MILLION…..!!….Like you said you were going to do……

  3. What can you say about Kevin Skinner? Give it all you’ve got, good luck and God Bless you. He’s a “hit”.

  4. I’m glad Kevin won. I would love to see him perform with Willie Nelson live from the Grand Old Opera.

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