America’s Got Talent Finale 9/14/09


The final show of America’s Got Talent tonight pitted 10 acts against each other with a million dollar Las Vegas contract at stake.

I don’t know who the judges were listening to, but the Voices of Glory were only in synch on their harmonies, yet the judges liked them a lot. The lead singer was flat on her solos–which was almost the entire song. To tell them they might win the million dollars was kind, but not honest. They were not very good.

Nobody moves like Hairo Torres.  An emotional performance tonight, instead of a fun routine, will probably keep him from the grand prize. My favorite contestant in the top 10 may not win, but out of all of the finalists, he’s the one with the most unique and original talent. We will see him in the future. He has charisma and movements likening him to Jackie Chan. Hairo is a young man with a huge future in dance and choreography.

Lawrence Beamen could not have chosen a better song to suit his voice. He needs to gain personality, he already has the talent.

Barbara Padilla has an outstanding operatic voice. I do not like opera, but I could listen to her sing all night. That is the mark that makes her special and could get her the Las Vegas contract.

The Fab Five were fabulous. The girls had a great circus themed routine and may be the best non-singing act. There is a definite chemistry between these five dancers who also happen to be sisters. They have great choreography and are extremely fun to watch.

The Texas Tenors are very handsome men who can sing very well. I was very entertained and appreciated the performance, but I’m not sure I could listen to an entire night of them.

Drew Stevyns is a handsome young man with a nice voice who plays guitar. He was good, not great.

Grandma Lee went spicey and racey and used her own material to make the crowd laugh. She’s unique and she’s funny, but not quite good enough to win it all.

Kevin Skinner didn’t hit any of the notes of the song he chose, and being backed by a rock band was not a good idea. The judges said it didn’t matter. I disagree, it mattered a lot. He has no chance.

Recycled Percussion was my least favorite group coming into tonight’s show, but they brought their best stuff to their final performance. They did the right thing by choosing “Wipeout” as their final performance. It was hot, but an entire evening of what they do would be more obnoxious than entertaining.

My favorites were Lawrence Beamen, The Fab Five, and Barbara Padilla. I think the women will dominate and place number 1 and 2.

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