America’s Got Talent Wednesday 6/24/2009

americas-got-talent-judgesThe second night of the season for America’s Got Talent was just an hour long. Not a lot of time, but they used that slot to show many more good acts than bad. The total amount of talent that is shown on TV is limited. Tonight, we saw several good performers with potential. The judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff were unanimous in their decisions on who to keep and who to send home.

The acts that didn’t practice enough or had little entertainment value included the chubby bad singing guy who does the splits, the girl in the suitcase, the big belly dancer, the colorful acrobatic creatures, the solo trio dancer, the clowns, and the bucket balancer.

drew thomasThe acts that are moving on include Manuela Horn the Yodeling Dominatrix, Comic-Bots musical break dancing robots, Tom Durnin the retired magician/pop-and-lock dancer, G-Force the pre-teen all girl rock and roll band, Erik and Rickie the 8-year-old ballroom dancers, Drew Thomas Illusionist, Alizma–the violin-playing triplets, and Arcadian Broad the 13-year-old expressionist dancer.

arcadian broadAll of the performers that made it through to the next round in Las Vegas were worthy. They will have to take their act up a notch to continue further, because the winner needs to be great. At this point the acts are just good.

Tonight, I liked Tom Durnin the best. He is an older guy who displayed hip dance moves while performing magic tricks. He was high energy, interesting, fun, and entertaining.  I want to see him perform again and hope he makes the top 10.

The program is showing too much of the judges, families, and crowd reactions to the performances. There were several acts where most of the TV time was spent away from the performers. The people at home will have to vote based on the audience reaction, not the performance, as we didn’t get to see all of any act. I’m sitting on my couch at the Munro House trying to make an informed decision on limited observance. I hope the show’s director gives more time to the actual performances as the season rolls on.


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  1. Hi, Tom Durnin is an acquaintance of mine, and I think you may have followed the show. Do you know how far he went in the show and if there are any videos other than his audition video, please email me!

    • Tom Durnin got a second shot, but I did not blog about it. I do recall that as much as I liked him in his original performance, his next appearance fell short. Go to and look for America’s Got Talent. They should still have past shows archived. They also have a summary section that will get you to the right episode quickly.

      Good luck.

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